SSO Pandoria Portal Locations

SSO Pandoria Portal Locations

Last Updated on 15 June, 2023

SSO Pandoria Portal Locations – Coordinates to find the portals to revisit Pandoria every day of the week – Star Stable Online

If you don’t find the portals is because you need to finish the quest where you visit Pandoria to unlock them

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SSO Pandoria Portal Locations

There are 7 Pandorian Rifts or Pandorian Portals, but only one of them is active depending on the day of the week. Check the area, coordinates and also some tips to find the locations every day:

  • Monday – Epona: X:162, Y:327 | In the Mirror States
  • Tuesday – Epona: X:151, Y:390 | Sunset Island (the closes to South Hoof Peninsula)
  • Wednesday – Epona: X:109, Y:336 | While going through The Great Thunder, the portal will be off to the side.
  • Thursday – Epona: X:75, Y:298 | Behind the house in Old Stormgarden
  • Friday – The Harvest Counties: X:55, Y:180 | Coast of the Forgotten Fields
  • Saturday – The Harvest Counties: X:121, Y:216 | In Graydew Coast
  • Sunday – Epona: X:175, Y:265 | Eastern Slones – Wolf Hall Inn > left gate > go left


  • To unlock the portals in Star Stable Online you need to finish the quest where you visit Pandoria
  • You can use the Pandorian Rifts or Pandorian Portals to revisit Pandoria
  • There are 7 locations, but only one of them works each day of the week

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