Starcraft 2 Cheats Codes

Starcraft 2 Cheats Codes

Last Updated on 24 December, 2022

Starcraft 2 Cheats Codes – All the available cheats codes – God Mods, instant victory, gain resources, unlock missions, all tech, fog of war, upgrade weapons, armor and more

Starcraft 2 Cheats Codes – Full List

These are all the available Cheats Codes:

  • God mode: TerribleTerribleDamage
  • Instant victory: WhatIsBestInLife
  • Instant defeat: LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEven
  • Disable fog of war: TookTheRedPill
  • Disable the need for supplies: Bunker55AliveInside
  • Gain 5000 minerals: SpectralTiger
  • Gain 5000 gas: RealMenDrillDeep
  • Allow the use of all tech: SoSayWeAll
  • Gain 5000 of each resource: WhoRunBartertown
  • Upgrade weapons, armor, and shields by a level: IAmIronMan
  • Enable fast builds and fast upgrades: CatFoodForPrawnGuns
  • Disable cooldowns on spells: HanShotFirst
  • Disable victory conditions for continued play: TyuHasLeftTheGame
  • Continued play after defeat: NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender
  • Fast unit healing: ImADoctorNotARoachJim
  • All units and buildings are free: MoreDotsMoreDots
  • Add 5 million credits in story mode: WhySoSerious (Only for Wings of Liberty campaign)
  • Unlock all missions: LeaveYourSleep
  • Unlock all cinematics: EyeOfSauron
  • In custom maps add 5000 Terrazine: Jaynestown
  • Unlock all UNN TV news broadcasts: StayClassyMarSara (Doesn’t work in Heart of the Swarm)
  • Play the song Terran Up the Night: OverEngineeredCodPiece (This doesn’t disable achievements)

Starcraft 2 Cheats Codes – How to use?

These are the steps to use cheats codes:

  1. Launch Starcraft 2
  2. Start a Singleplayer campaign
  3. Press Enter
  4. Enter (type) any of the provided cheats codes
  5. Enjoy the cheat

About Starcraft 2

With three races, four modes, and endless ways to play, StarCraft II is the ultimate real-time strategy experience. Do you have what it takes to become the best commander in the galaxy?

  • Build a Base: Collect minerals and vespene gas to build production structures and upgrade your technology.
  • Raise an Army: Spend minerals and vespene gas to raise a powerful and unique army.
  • March into battle: Unfold your forces with creativity and success to overcome your opponents.

In StarCraft II , players combine large-scale economic production with unit micromanagement, putting their strategic and tactical skills to the test.

Each of the three races in StarCraft II has its own unique personality and intriguing play style, as well as a unique and varied range of specialized units and buildings. Choose and dominate with one or play with all three!

  • Terrain: Diligent humans, with varied technology and personality to spare
  • Zerg: A ferocious swarm of ruthless beasts that devour worlds
  • Protoss: Ancient and noble warriors, with a Great Army and advanced psionic technology

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