Stardew Valley Walleye Fishing Guide – How to Catch

Stardew Valley Walleye Fishing Guide

Last Updated on 24 August, 2022

Stardew Valley Walleye Fishing Guide – How and where to fish, Rain Totem, Magic Bait and best fishing spot

Stardew Valley Walleye Fishing Guide – How and Where to Catch?

The Walleye is a fish that can be caught in the river (in Pelican Town or Cindersap Forest), the Mountain Lake, and the Cindersap Forest pond during Fall when it is raining. It can also be caught in Winter if a Rain Totem is used. It can randomly be found in Garbage Cans during Fall and Winter, or at the Traveling Cart for 315-1,000g. If the player chooses the Riverland Farm or the Forest Farm, Walleye can also be caught in the farm pond.

Time of the day to catch a walleye: From 12pm to 2am

Walleye can be caught regardless of weather, time, or season using Magic Bait.

Rain Totem

Rain can be a bit random, so if you don’t want to wait for it to rain, use a rain totem:

The Rain Totem is a crafted item that sets the weather for the next day to rainy. The recipe becomes available at Foraging Level 9. 1-3 Rain Totems may occasionally be found in treasure rooms in the Skull Cavern. The Ingredients are:

  • x1 Hardwood
  • x1 Truffle Oil
  • x5 Pine Tar

Magic Bait

If you don’t feel like waiting until fall, and for whatever reason you prefer to use a Magic Ball over a Rain Totem:

Magic Bait is a type of bait that provides the ability to catch any fish from that source regardless of weather, time, or season. It can be attached to a Fiberglass Rod or an Iridium Rod

20 Magic Bait can be purchased from the shop in Qi’s Walnut Room for diamonds x5. The recipe to craft Magic Bait can also be purchased for diamonds x20, the ingredients are:

  • x1 Radioactive Ore
  • x3 Bug Meat

Stardew Valley Walleye Fishing Guide – Best Fishint Spot

If you don’t want to use magic bait or rain totems and you want to go to the place with the highest chance of success, we recommend you go to Cindersap Forest pond during a raining fall day, chances are 32%

We hope that this guide has been useful to you and that you have learned how to Catch a walleye.

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