Stardew Valley Seed Codes – Full List

Stardew Valley Seed Codes

Last Updated on 11 September, 2023

Stardew Valley Seed Codes – Full List. All the seeds ids and how to use them, small and easy guide about Seeds

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Stardew Valley Seed Codes – List

Every action you take in the game depends solely and exclusively on the initial World Seed, so read all our guides to do your best at the start of the game.

  • 281191250– You must unearth the Ancient Seed (Linus’ shop) > in the Museum to Gunther donate the Ancient Seeds and you will get a packet of Ancient Seeds > the Seeds are cultivated to obtain Ancient Fruits.
  • 269733094– With the seed you can clean the farm and sow some seeds in the ground > doing this step increases the chances of you getting a Stone Owl or a Meteoroid on your farm > it will also contribute to the chance of a Crop Fairy appearing, but only on the third day of the first spring of the game. Perform these steps as indicated so that you can increase success a lot when you advance in the game.
  • 270192222– is a world seed, possibly the best seed to maximize profits on your farm from the first day of spring > when you enter this code, it will make the Crop Fairy appear on the first night of spring to grow all your crops during spring night. For this reason, what you should do is plow all the available seeds (and might even hoard them) into the ground so that they grow in a day instead of a whole season.

Stardew Valley Seed Codes – Iridium

  • 309181356– this seed is complicated and difficult to cultivate, since it takes a lot of effort and patience, while cultivating the seed generated by this code > the positive part of all this effort and patience is that a Meteoroid falls on your farm at the end of the first year > by the end of the second year, you may have a chance of two more Meteoroids falling on your farm > and if you’re lucky, it may even drop to an iridium meteor containing iridium ore > the “iridium” material is will use to build tools like:
    • 1 Iridium Hoe
    • 2 Iridium Spike
    • 3 Iridium Axe
    • 4 Iridium Watering Can
    • 5 Iridium Trash Can

Video Guide

In case you have any doubts, or you are not clear with the locations, we recommend you watch this video guide of just two minutes from Mr Juicebags, in which you will see that farming Pismatic Slimes is not as difficult as it seemed, it just requires some patience

We hope that this guide has been useful to you, you have obtained the Prismatic Slime, and give the Prismatic Jelly to the Wizard to complete his quest. Have you tried Monster Musk? cool huh!

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