State of Decay 2 Maps – Full Map

State of Decay 2 Maps

Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

State of Decay 2 Maps – Full Map – Providence Ridge, Drunker County, Cascade Hills, Meagher Valley and also Thumbull Valley

State of Decay 2 Maps – Providence Ridge Map

Click on the Providence Ridge Map to Enlarge it

Providence ridge map

There are 11 Locations to visit & explore

Providence Ridge Home Sites

  • Firewatch Fortress – Starter Base in Camp Winchester
  • Lundegaard Lumber Mill – Huge Base in Sawyer’s Crossing
  • Prescott Fire Station – Huge Base in Prescott
  • Rusty Rosie’s – Medium Base in Hobson Falls
  • Westen Builder Supply – Medium Base in Vista View

State of Decay 2 Maps – Druker County Map

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Drunker County Map

There are 16 Locations to visit & explore

Druker County Home Sites

  • Barricaded Strip Mall – Huge Base in Mathilda
  • Cabin Park Motel – Medium Base in Lake Brimley Park
  • Knight’s Family Drive-In – Large Base in Knight’s Pass
  • Mike’s Concrete – Large Base in Tamfield
  • Vogel House – Starter Base in Kettle Rock Bend
  • Wally’s Bar and Grill – Small Base in Santa Maya
  • Wheelhouse Truck Stop – Medium Base in Meturato

State of Decay 2 Maps – Cascade Hills Map

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Cascade Hills Map

There are 17 Locations to visit & explore

Cascade Hills Home Sites

  • Bridge Fort – Small Base in Morgan’s Landing
  • Church on the Hill – Medium Base in Crossroads
  • Container Fort – Huge Base in Lymeston
  • Corner Office – Medium Base in Lowl
  • Justineau House – Starter Base in Eastman Heights
  • Loch & Keogh Self Storage – Large Base in Ditchwater
  • Mohr & Mohr Distributing – Large Base in Talbot Park

State of Decay 2 Maps – Meagher Valley Map

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Meagher Valley Map

There are 10 Locations to visit & explore

Meagher Valley Home Sites

  • Camp Kelenqua – Medium Base in Lake Kelenqua
  • Clarington House – Starter Base in Turtle Ridge
  • Country Church – Small Base in Apatite Acres
  • Mazzara Farm – Medium Base in Flowering Flats
  • Rural Police Station – Medium Base in Drover’s Bend
  • Squelones Brewing Company – Large Base in Flowering Flats
  • Whitney Field – Huge Base in Whitney Junction

State of Decay 2 Maps – Trumbull Valley Map

Click on the Trumbull Valley Map to Enlarge it

There are a lot Locations to visit & explore, check these points of interest:

Mt Tanner Points of interest:

  • McGill Residence
  • Old Farmhouse

Spencer’s Mill Points of interest:

  • Church of the Ascension
  • Former Army Garage
  • Freaky Garage
  • Wooly Bugger pub

Marshall Points of interest:

  • Army Refugee Camp
  • Empty Nest
  • Factory Husk
  • Fortified Fire Station
  • Quiet Refuge
  • The Gauntlet

Farmlands Points of interest:

  • Deep Green Farmhouse
  • Doctor’s Outpost
  • Plane Crash
  • Red Talon Outpost
  • Santos Auto Shop
  • Swamp

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