X4 Foundations Map

X4 Foundations Map

Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

X4 Foundations Map – All the sectors and all the connections that will allow you to get from one point on the map to another

X4 Foundations Map – Full 4.0 Map

This is the best high resolution map you can find, click on the map to enlarge, and click again to zoom in on the area that interests you. It also shows all the connections that will allow you to get from one point on the map to another. And you can see which faction each sector belongs to by the colors on the right of the map

x4 foundations full map

Credits to the reddit user u/IRequireAPilot

So yes, all the new sectors are on the west edge of the map

X4 Foundations Map – Routes & Autopilot

You already have the map, be sure to click on the map because if not you will not see anything, but in case you have doubts about how to move between two points

Plotting a course

To plot a route to a destination either:

  • Select an object or a random point on the map manually by right clicking it and choosing the option to start guidance
  • Setting a mission to active in the map’s accepted missions menu
  • Asking someone for directions


Autopilot is engaged using SHIFT+A (SHIFT+Q on azerty keyboards) or the ship’s menu (ENTER). It will make the ship automatically follow the currently plotted course. To disengage autopilot, press SHIFT+Q again or the full stop key (BACKSPACE)

You will see that it is not that complicated, it just requires a little practice

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We will update the map with each future game update, so you always have a complete view of all sectors, factions, and connections

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