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stranded deep tips

Last Updated on 16 January, 2023

Stranded Deep Tips – To begin an adventurous journey in Stranded Deep, check at the beginner’s tips.

Beam Team Games created Stranded Deep, one of the most realistic survival games. You will play the role of a passenger who survived a plane crash but got stranded on a Pacific Island. The main goal will be to hunt and make stuff in order to survive at all costs. Low resources can cause you to starve to death, despite how simple it may sound. The island is also home to many poisonous and hazardous creatures. So be sure to use resources effectively and proceed with caution at all times. We can help if you are a new player and wish to learn more about the game. All of the beginner’s tips and techniques for Stranded Deep are given below.

Stranded Deep Tips –  For A Good Start

This beginner’s guide includes all the essential first-step tactics and strategies for successfully surviving Stranded Deep. Before you move ahead don’t forget your main objective is to explore and collect resources to survive.

  1. Keep Track of Vitals
  2. Don’t Drink or Eat Too Much Coconut
  3. Craft Water Still
  4. Be Aware of Poisonous Creatures
  5. Store Items Properly
  6. Build Raft
  7. Trees Don’t Grow Back
  8. Check Shipwrecks
  9. Plant Potatoes
  10. Save Game

All of the following tips should be kept in mind as you explore the island. Now that we have a better understanding, let’s look at the survival tips in more detail.

Stranded Deep Tips – Keep Track of Vitals

Don’t forget to drag the life raft to the shore after leaving it, and be careful not to loose your paddle. When you’re finished, check your wristwatch and register your vitals as soon as possible. Consume some coconut water if your water vitals are low. Additionally, if your hunger level is low, go crab fishing or crab hunting. And if the SPF vital is low then dive into the water for a while or stand under a shade location. This is due to the fact that in this game, even UV rays may be quite deadly.

Stranded Deep Tips – Don’t Drink or Eat Too Much Coconut

As was already mentioned, coconut water can help you stay hydrated, but too much of it can make you sick. If you consume more than two coconuts in a row, you will get diarrhea, and your water vitality will start to drop rapidly. Now that you are aware, 2 is the maximum and is sufficient to get you back on track for the day.

Stranded Deep Tips – Craft Water Still

You can always build a Water Still and it will produce some water for you if your water vitals are still low. Additionally, this device will gather water droplets, which will undoubtedly be useful. So, to be successful, strive to create more than one Water Still. Follow the recipe listed below if you are unaware of the materials you will need.

  • 3x Rocks
  • 1x Palm Frond
  • 1x Coconut Flask
  • 1x Cloth
  • 1x Lashing

Be Aware of Poisonous Creatures

Being ready to encounter multiple dangerous and poisonous creatures is one of the most crucial beginner’s recommendations for Stranded Deep. That’s because there are a lot of them on the island, and they’ll attack you anytime they get the chance. On the other side, the game starts with you having access to just one bandage. So keep an eye out for starfish or snakes while walking, and craft weapons as soon as you can.

Store Items Properly

Start your hunt for materials to craft with and for survival gear once you are steady. You won’t have to carry everything you acquire along the way, so don’t worry.

The items will not despawn until they are safely stored in a container or under adequate shelter. The red container that washed up on the shore is the finest spot to store and keep your belongings secure.

Build Raft

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, go ahead and build a raft to explore more Pacific Ocean islands. You’ll need a lot of wood and other supplies to complete it. If you don’t know the recipe, read this page to learn how to create a raft in the game. Make sure you are at least Level 2 and are ready to use a Hammer before continuing. Until then, make an effort to keep the life raft and its oar from becoming lost.

Trees Don’t Grow Back

Not all of the gameplay mechanics in Stranded Deep are very realistic. Here, cutting down a tree will prevent it from growing back, requiring the player to discover alternative islands. So make an effort to use your wood wisely. Later on in the game, players may even locate some sticks and bits of wood laying on the ground or close to the coast. On the other hand, if you want to get Yucca and Palm leaves and other crafting materials, you can always plant some of the trees as saplings.

Build Shelter

Another starting tip for longer survival in Stranded Deep is to build shelter early on in the game. You won’t be able to stockpile food or other resources by doing this. Additionally, permit you to unwind when the SPF levels are low.

Save Game

There is no Auto Save available option in Stranded Deep to save your progress. Therefore, save your game manually often if you don’t want to lose your progress, and you’ll be ready to go.

These are all the basic survival tips and methods to help you get by in Stranded Deep. If you enjoyed this article, don’t miss the rest of the Stranded Deep guides.

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