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Tapper Simulator Codes Roblox

Last Updated on 30 June, 2022

All the valid Roblox Tapper Simulator Codes in one updated list – Roblox Games by Xtreme Xperiences – Redeem these codes for gems, pets, coins, boosts and more, to upgrade your character

Tapper Simulator Codes – Full List

Redeem these codes for gems, pets, coins, boosts and more, to upgrade your character

Valid & Active Codes

These are all the valid codes

  • Heaven – Redeem Code > Click Boost (New)
  • Secret – Redeem Code > Click Boost (New)
  • LikeGoalReached – Redeem Code > Click Boost (New)
  • Egypt – Redeem Code > Click Boost (New)
  • ClickCode1 – Redeem Code > Click Boost
  • Skulls – Redeem Code > Click Boost
  • ToyLand – Redeem Code > Click Boost
  • CongratsClicksCode – Redeem Code > Click Boost
  • 2XCLICKS – Redeem Code > Click Boost
  • 1stLikeGoalCode – Redeem Code > Click Boost
  • SweetTooth – Redeem Code > some freebies
  • SaveOcean – Redeem Code > some freebies
  • TradeTrade – Redeem Code > some freebies
  • Update1 – Redeem Code > some freebies
  • Kolapo – Redeem Code > Gem Boost
  • RELEASE – Redeem Code > 2,500 Gems

New code at 2,5k Likes, also visit Roblocx Group to support them.

More codes and gifts soon, stay tuned

Tapper Simulator Social Media Channels

  • Discord: https://discord.gg/RxgTVqbUB7
  • Twitter: @Ryzoft / @Gavineoo / @ItsKolapoRBLX
  • Youtube: ??
  • Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/games/8807832754/UPD-1-Tapper-Simulator

Leave us a comment if you find more working codes, we will add them to the list giving you credits

Expired codes

There are currently no expired codes

Tapper Simulator Codes – How to Redeem?

Launch and start Tapper Simulator > Click on the Twitter button (right) > Enter Code > Press Redeem (Purple Button) > Enjoy your Tapper Simulator freebies

Here you can learn to redeem codes (video by youtuber Gaming Dan)

How to play Tapper Simulator? Roblox Game by Xtreme Xperiences

Welcome to Tapper Simulator

Update 1

  • A new island to explore!
  • New pets to hatch!
  • Trade countdown!
  • New upgrades!
  • Secret stars in eggs!

How to play:

  • Tap to get clicks!
  • Hatch eggs and collect mythical pets!
  • Rebirth to receive gems and a clicking multiplier!
  • Test your luck with the many crafting machines and try to get better effects on your pets!
  • Explore vast new worlds!
  • Climb the multiple leaderboards and become a tapping master!

Updates almost daily! If you want to stay updated join the community channel below!

This information is from Roblox Group Tapper Simulator, so it is posted here for easy reading.

Tapper Simulator Codes – About the Game

This game is developed on the Roblox metaverse platform, so we advise you to be attentive to Roblox games since in the future there would be the possibility that you could play this type of game with virtual reality glasses.

The main goal in Tapper Simulator is to clic anywhere in the screen, use your mouse to clic where you consider a good option, get points and coin just clicking; the more you click, the higher your level increase will be, so unlock new worlds and get rebirths, all depends on the amount of click you can do.

You will have the option to exchange pets, try to get them all. When you are reborn you can get gems, use them to improve the character or improve your pets and become the best in Tapper Simulator, the improvements you add to your character will be permanent.

Play with your friends or other members in the Tapper Simulator server to compete and try to get to the top of the leaderboard.

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