The Most Popular Classes in Diablo IV – Diablo 4

The Most Popular Classes in Diablo IV

Last Updated on 31 March, 2023

The Most Popular Classes in Diablo IV. Druid and Necromancer classes reign supreme in Diablo IV.

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The Most Popular Classes in Diablo IV

Blizzard’s recent beta stats for Diablo 4 have revealed the two most played classes, and the Reddit community’s poll results confirm their popularity. So, which classes are dominating Diablo IV thus far?

Druid and Necromancer Classes Reign Supreme With over 5,000 votes on the poll, it’s no surprise that the Druid and Necromancer classes are leading the pack with 1.2k and 1.1k votes, respectively. Meanwhile, the Sorceress has a respectable 900 votes but is trailing behind. So, what’s behind the popularity of these classes?

Sorceress In Diablo IV

The Sorceress has a solid early game progression and power, allowing players to feel like a powerful spell-slinger in no time. The fantastic animations and combos make the experience even more enjoyable. The Sorceress also boasts excellent build diversity, thanks to the enchantment slots that allow for insane combos. However, it takes some effort to master the timing and effectively combine all available tools to achieve success. The teleport skill is a godsend when it comes to mobility. In group play, players can freeze, stun, and vuln their enemies, making them an invaluable team member.

Necromancer In Diablo IV

Playing as a Necromancer in Diablo IV means early game is all about skellies. But, with solid skills and the ability to deal free damage with Corpse Explosion, the Necromancer is anything but dull. Unfortunately, the class falls short when it comes to building diversity and having fun. It’s a slow class with limited room for creativity, particularly when leaving out minions or corpses. However, the Necromancer is easy to play, with pets that can carry the load and straightforward builds.

When it comes to mobility, the Necromancer is in the same boat as the Sorceress, with the only “mobility” skill, Blood Mist, slowing the player down. However, the group utility of Decrepify is strong, making them an asset to any party. For players who want to raise the dead and make corpses explode, the Necromancer is the perfect class.

Druid In Diablo IV

Players can unleash their inner nature-loving, big nuke-hurling, shape-shifting Druid. The early game may be weak, but legendary synergies turn the Druid into a powerhouse. The Druid has endless combos of shape-shifting and elements, making build diversity their forte. Additionally, they’re tanky, so squishiness is not an issue. Mobility-wise, the player is not spoiled for choice, but some builds, like the Wolf, can be fast. In groups, they become a utility buff god, and for hardcore players, the Druid has more defense than a castle.

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Druid and Necromancer classes reign supreme in Diablo IV, with the Sorceress lagging slightly behind.

The Sorceress boasts excellent build diversity, while the Necromancer is an easy class to play with pets that can do the heavy lifting.

Druid’s shape-shifting and elemental combos make them a tanky powerhouse. Ultimately, the class players choose will depend on their playstyle, preferences, and what they want to achieve in the game.

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