This Romantic World Walkthrough

This Romantic World Walkthrough

Last Updated on 10 August, 2022

This Romantic World Walkthrough – A step by step guide to complete all routes: Parker, Holly, Casey, Liz, Millie, Raina, Lydia, Jane…

This Romantic World Walkthrough – Parker

  • Enter  the school > Talk to Parker
  • Talk to parker after the class and go to the park > Choose Favourite Show, Pop Music & Surfing
  • Day 2: Speak with Millie, then with Derec > Janitors closet > Find the secret panel (left hand back wall)
  • After the 1st date talk to Parker again > Had a great time at the park
  • Next day > Talk to Parker again > How about another kiss
  • Talk to Lydia and get through her second rehearsal quest line to get Parker’s secret
  • Talk to Parker about her secret
  • Choose Arrange her fantasy: Ask Millie, Jane, Casey, Chloe & Liz > Open the Map and click on new Kal’s auto location > talk to Kal > go back and talk to Parker > Open the map and click on the text Parker > Complete the event

This Romantic World Walkthrough – Holly & Kayden

To start this quest first complete Kristina’s sidequest

  • Cafeteria > Talk to Holly > Outside School > Track & field area > Talk to Kayden
  • Talk to Holly > Map Kitty Burger > Talk to Abbey (snagging a uniform)
  • Next day > Talk to Holly > Seduce kayden or not (any choice will end this walkthrough)

This Romantic World Walkthrough – Casey

  • Day 3: Talk to Casey before leaving the school
  • Day 7 or 8: Miss Medina will say Casey is failing > Talk to Casey after Medina’s class
  • Text Casey when you are ready to tutor her
  • She will invite you to her house
  • Next day talk to Casey > choose to take her on her idea of a perfect date or indulge her
    in one of her kinks > text gher when you are ready to hook up

This Romantic World Walkthrough – Lydia

  • After Parker secret is revealed, talk to Lydia and accept the deal
  • Any day after class  > Talk to Lydia > Ready to Reherse? > Answers: Enough, Naiah!, What do you hope to gain?, You Made a big mistake.
  • Next day after class: Talk to Lydia > Go to Casey’s tree (outside) > Examine the window
  • Next day after class > Talk to Lydia (Cafeteria)
  • Talk to her again after the confrontation > Your choice but better save for both: Accept your roll (class event) or I’ll talk to Casey (talk to Casey, go back with lydia and wait untill night at your home)

This Romantic World Walkthrough – Chloe

  • After returning home after spying on Casey and Bria in the shower, go to the kitchen and
    talk with Raina, return to the lounge and Chloe will confront you
  • Next morning: Visit Chloe’s room
  • Get the video (Progress through Lydia’s Walkthrough) and give it to Chloe at home
  • Complete Lydia’s walkthrough
  • Next Day: Chloe’s quest will continue
  • After the scene try to talk to any of the girls > Talk to Chloe
  • Return home
  • Next day after class > Talk to Chloe
  • Ask Jane, Warren, Dereck and Kristina, Abbey & Liz
  • (((((Next choice will end the game, so Save or continue with other routes)))))
  • After talking with Liz go to your bedroom > Switch: You have a plan & answer yes
  • Go back home > Your room
  • Next day > go to School

This Romantic World Walkthrough – Raina

  • Talk to her until you unlock:
    • Couch event
    • Kitty Burger event
    • Evening Massage
  • Next morning > talk to her
  • Give her a couple of days until her new outfit
  • Convince Switch (your bedroom – evening)
    • Give her a baby: Visit Raina every evening (Kitchen) > new Chat option (pound her) >Next evening at home (final scene)
    • New Job: School Notice Board (Foyer) > Afternoon: Find Casey under her tree > Job offer option > Map > Office > Go there every afternoon until the interview > Map new location next afternoon (final scene)

This Romantic World Walkthrough – Millie

  • Day 2: Trigger Millie confronting Warren > after talking with Isaac talk to Dereck
  • Find the hidden panel in the janitor’s closet (back left wall, before the selving)
  • After the show peep once a day > Check back 5 times (almost catching event)
  • Next Day > Talk to Millie > Next Day > Talk to her again
  • Do what she wants and get your reward
  • Next day: Ask Millie where she learnt the position
  • Text her
  • Her Place > Right arrow (her room) or sneak in
  • Click on 6 items in her room and she will be back > complete the event
  • Switch will suggest Isaac find Millie a girl
  • Next day: Talk to all the girls (School, park & Kitty burguer) to find her a girl > Casey, Kristina or Liz will lead to the end of the quest

This Romantic World Walkthrough – Jane

  • From Day 2: Cafeteria > Talk to Jane and choose > Are you free tonight? Or Parker’s secret (will unlock Apex Beach) > Head there after class to trigger the event
  • After 3 days talk to jane
  • Talk to Switch at Night in Isaac’s bedroom and Switch will help give Isaac enough pointers for
    him to hold his own
  • Jane’s party: Talk to the people until the game starts > Win the game (different scenes with cheats or not)

This Romantic World Walkthrough – Liz

  • Talk to Liz: Reinbobs: x2 Janitor’s closet (left hand shelving), x1 Kitty Burger (lower right corner)
  • Liz: Get the rewards
  • Kal’s auto contains another Reinbob (Requires Arrange Parker’s fantasy) > Talk to Kal > Click on Map’s new button
  • Next day: Meet kal and claim your prize
  • Seek out Liz (park)
  • Last Reinbob (Chloe – requires: complete Chloe’s & Raina’s routes)
  • School > Hallway > Parker > Answer Yes
  • Pick up Liz’s phone
    Give it to Liz

Update 0.055

  • Find Elianna’s best friend and ask for help
  • Meet Kayden in the new area outside  (new button to the track & field area near Casey’s tree)
  • Talk to Derek, Lydia & Parker
  • Click the mens locker
  • Next day go to School

Update 0.060

  • Now you can complete Raina’s route
  • 1st B Call: a few days after completing Lydia’s route
  • 2nd B Call: o check F**kWall after Jane has confronted you at the end of Chloe’s quest line

Update 0.077

Requires 5 girls’s routes completed (Casey, Liz, Chloe’s, Jane, Millie, Raina’s, Lydia’s or Parker’s route)

  • Speak with Switch in the evening back in Isaac’s bedroom

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