Wars and Roses Cheats, Trainer & Patch

Wars and Roses Cheats

Last Updated on 10 August, 2022

Wars and Roses Cheats, Trainer & Patch – invisibility, kill all, auto win, stats, unolock all, infinite money, infinite affection and more

Everything you need to get the most out of the definitive version of the game, the official cheats and the official patch

Wars and Roses Cheats, Trainer & Patch – Cheats & Trainer

The game does not have its own cheats, but you can use a trainer that will allow you to use all the cheats you need:

Unzip Assembly-CSharp.zip in “Wars and Roses_Data\Managed”

  • F1 = invisibility
  • F2 = kill all enemies
  • F3 = kill all friendlies
  • B = win the mission
  • F8 = Add affection to the selected girl in the menu
  • F9 = Add 1k exp to each girl
  • F10 = Unlock all girls and max affection
  • F11 = +1m money

These cheats, and the .zip, work with version 1.0 of the game. In theory it is the final version, so they should always work. But if the game updates or expands, for example to a version 2.0, it is normal that these cheats stop working.

You have everything you need, and with this trainer you will get invisibility, kill all, auto win, stats, unolock all, infinite money, infinite affection and more

Wars and Roses Cheats, Trainer & Patch – Patch

There is still no official patch on Steam, but we suppose that it is a matter of time before the one we are going to provide you ends up being on Steam, since we have taken it from the official game forum, directly from warsandroses.com

We leave you the link to the official link of the Patch > Here

It basically unlocks all the content that you were surely looking for, the one that you cannot access from the official version of Steam. And as we indicated, we assume that in the next few days Steam will include this patch, since it is the only official one

You already have everything you need so that your experience is not limited by hours of farming or inaccessible content. so we hope you enjoy them

About WAR

Set in a modern-day military world, the all-female private military company “Black Rose” is established to battle a terrorist group hiding worldwide. The player is asked to join and lead the squad after the majority of its members were captured in a recent battle…
Our mission is to redefine the FPS genre by combining two types of games into one. To reward the players with an unprecedented level of sophistication, depth, and fun

  • An intense close-quarter tactical shooter that features sneaky AI and bullet physics
  • Beautiful female companions who fight alongside you
  • Date with each female companion and unlock their unique scenarios, dialog, and interactions
  • Earn money to improve your weapons, skills and buy gifts to impress your companions
  • Recruit more stunning beauties by rescuing them

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