Unturned Color Codes

Unturned Color Codes

Last Updated on 15 June, 2023

Unturned Color Codes – Hex (hexadecimal) & RGB – For Item rarities, Materials, map grasses, Creatures and other miscellaneous colors

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Unturned Color Codes – Item Rarities

These are the RGB and Hex Color codes for item ratities:

  • Common: RGB Color code rgb(255,255,255), Hex Color Code #FFFFFF
  • Uncommon: RGB Color code rgb(31,135,31), Hex Color Code #1F871F
  • Rare: RGB Color code rgb(75,100,200), Hex Color Code #4B64C8
  • Epic: RGB Color code rgb(150,75,250), Hex Color Code #964BFA
  • Legendary: RGB Color code rgb(200,50,250), Hex Color Code #C832FA
  • Mythical: RGB Color code rgb(250,50,25), Hex Color Code #FA3219

Unturned Color Codes – Materials

These are the RGB and Hex Color codes for materials:

  • PEI Grass: RGB Color code rgb(59,121,63), Hex Color Code #3B793F
  • PEI Dirt: RGB Color code rgb(124,83,67), Hex Color Code #7C5343
  • Washington Grass: RGB Color code rgb(61,116,57), Hex Color Code #3D7439
  • Washington Dirt: RGB Color code rgb(112,91,75), Hex Color Code #705B4B
  • Russia Grass: RGB Color code rgb(86,99,43), Hex Color Code #56632B
  • Russia Autumn: RGB Color code rgb(173,116,33), Hex Color Code #AD7421
  • Sidewalk: RGB Color code rgb(157,153,144), Hex Color Code #9D9990
  • Russia Deadzone: RGB Color code rgb(110,102,61), Hex Color Code #6E663D
  • Russia Rocks: RGB Color code rgb(132,125,109), Hex Color Code #847D6D
  • Germany Sand/Beach: RGB Color code rgb(120,112,71), Hex Color Code #787047
  • Germany Brown Grass: RGB Color code rgb(90,64,39), Hex Color Code #5A4027
  • Yukon Snow: RGB Color code rgb(195,197,198), Hex Color Code #C3C5C6
  • Germany Green Grass: RGB Color code rgb(61,72,45), Hex Color Code #3D482D
  • Germany Quarry: RGB Color code rgb(146,144,130), Hex Color Code #929082
  • Yukon Ice: RGB Color code rgb(158,197,211), Hex Color Code #9EC5D3
  • Germany Snow: RGB Color code rgb(164,167,168), Hex Color Code #A4A7A8
  • Asphalt: RGB Color code rgb(77,79,81), Hex Color Code #4D4F51
  • Sidewalk: RGB Color code rgb(157,153,144), Hex Color Code #9D9990

Unturned Color Codes – Creatures

These are the RGB and Hex Color codes for creatures:

  • Zombie: RGB Color code rgb(106,128,97), Hex Color Code #6A8061
  • Blood: RGB Color code rgb(174,49,37), Hex Color Code #AE3125
  • Deer: RGB Color code rgb(150,121,80), Hex Color Code #967950
  • Moose: RGB Color code rgb(94,81,63), Hex Color Code #5E513F
  • Pig: RGB Color code rgb(196,129,175), Hex Color Code #C481AF
  • Wolf: RGB Color code rgb(96,93,87), Hex Color Code #605D57


  • RGB Color Model: The RGB color model is an additive color model in which the red, green, and blue primary colors of light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors
  • Hex triplet: is a six-digit, three-byte hexadecimal number used in HTML, CSS, SVG, and other computing applications to represent colors

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