Vampire Survivors Kill Death Guide

Vampire Survivors Kill Death Guide

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

Vampire Survivors Kill Death Guide – Step by step guide and video guide to unlock the secret character Mask of the Red Death

Vampire Survivors Kill Death Guide – Steps

These are the steps to kill the Death in Vampire Survivors

  1. Remove all Magnet upgrades and Growth
  2. Start with Clerici in library
  3. Get the green xp gem (table) and upgrade
  4. If you don’t get Runetracer upgrade reset the run and repeat the previous steps (1 to 3) until you get Runetracer
  5. Stay behind the chair and table where you found the gem
  6. Don’t collect any XP on the ground (the area of the Runetracer should be bigger than the character sprite)
  7. If you can’t easily locate the red xp gem around the 3 minute mark decide between restarting run or trying to find it if you have the Revival powerup
  8. Stay inside your stuck Runetracer until the 30:00 min mark
  9. As soon as the death spawns get the red xp gem and gain +100 levels
  10. Items:
    • You should get: Santa Water, Clock Lancet, Laurel, Runetracer, Bracer, Candelabrador, Spellbinder, Empty Tome
    • Can also help: Tiragisú, Attractorb, Magic Wand, Knife, Duplicator, Cross, Bone, Spinach
    • Don’t get (Avoid): Lightning Ring, Axe, Fire Wand
  11. Lead death back to behind the chairs and table. A good position is standing slightly above the right chair, with Clerici’s belt roughly in line with the floor line, and a little bit away from the right bookshelf, to the point that your Laurel shield barely touches it
  12. After defeating the Death you will unlock Mask of the Red Death

Vampire Survivors Kill Death Guide – Video Guide

Check this video guide by Aliensrock if you need help to to kill death without cheating, it’s just a long grind between the youtuber and unlocking MissingNo (Red Death now). As you can see, the important thing is where to stand and what equipment to have

Mask of the Red Death FAQ

Mask of the Red Death is one of the playable characters in Vampire Survivors, starting with the weapon Death Spiral.

The player can unlock this character by killing death after 30 minute of the game

Mask of the Red Death replaced MissingN

It starts with 100% Movement Speed, 255 HP and 20% Might

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