Vampire Survivors Unlock Characters Guide

Vampire Survivors Unlock Characters

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

Vampire Survivors Unlock Characters Guide – Requirements to unlock all characters, level up boosts, starting weapons and Secret Character

Vampire Survivors Unlock Characters – Requirements

These are all the characters and how to unlock them:

  • Queen Sigma: by completing all entries in the Collection
  • Gyorunton: survive 15 minutes in Boss Rash with only 1 active weapon
  • Sir Ambrojoe: kill a total of 6000 Stage Killer and Elite Stage Killer
  • Zi’Assunta Belpaese: Find and open her coffin in the Cappella Magna
  • Iguana Gallo Valletto: obtain the Infinite Corridor
  • Divano Thelma: obtain the Crimson Shroud
  • O’Sole Meeo: kill a total of 3000 Dragon Shrimps
  • Concetta Caciotta: Find her Coffin in the Gallo Tower. The coffin is located in a hidden room, and is entered via a mirror on the left side of the tower near the coffin
  • Giovanna Grana: find her Coffin in the Inlaid Library
  • Bianca Ramba: kill 3000 Milk Elementals in a single run
  • Pugnala Provala: finding and opening the coffin in the Mad Forest. In the Milky Way Map, the coffin is labelled with a ‘?’ symbol
  • Christine Davain: leveling Pentagram to level 7
  • Krochi Freetto: defeating a total of 100,000 enemies total across all runs
  • Poppea Pecorina: Unlock her finding and opening the coffin in the Dairy Plant. In the Milky Way Map, the coffin is labelled with a ‘?’ symbol
  • Yatta Cavallo: Unlock him killing 3000 Lion Heads in a single run
  • Krochi Freeto: Unlock him with 950 Gold
  • Dommario: Earn 5,000 coins in a single run
  • Suor Clerici: Recover a total of 1,000 HP
  • Antonio: Starting Character
  • Imelda: Unlock her with 10 Gold
  • Lama: Surviving 20 minutes with at least 10% Curse active
  • Pasqualina: Unlock her with 110 Gold
  • Gennaro: Unlock him with 600 Gold
  • Arca: unlock her by getting the Fire Wand to level 4, then purchase her with 650 gold
  • Porta: unlock her by getting the Lightning Ring to level 4, then purchase her with 750 gold
  • Poe: unlock him by getting the Garlic to level 7, then purchase her with 800 gold
  • Mortaccio: Defeat a total of 3000 skeletons

Secret Characters

  • Gains Boros: Due North of spawn in The Bone Zone (beyond Silver Ring), there is a ring of flowers which heals the character by 8 quite rapidly. Stay in the ring for about 30 seconds
  • Peppino: Go to Il Molise, using Celestial Dusting to attack the plants there heals them instead > 100,000 health
  • Smith IV: The player can unlock this character after Exdash and Toastie are unlocked. Type “spam” in the main menu – this will start a hidden 30-second timer. Go to the character selection and enter “spam”, go to the stage selection and enter “spam”, and enter a run and enter “humbug”
  • Leda: defeat him in Gallo Tower, 32-40 tilesets down
  • Toastie: defeat the Stalker or Drowner after Exdash is unlocked, Press ↓ + Enter
  • Exdash – Secret Character: quickly typ “x-x1viiq” while in main menu.
  • MissingN: Unlock him killing death after 30 minute of the game
  • Mask of the Red Death – Secret Character: killing death after 30 minute of the game

Vampire Survivors Unlock Characters – Info

These are all the characters, their starting weapons and boosts0000

  • Queen Sigma: Her starting weapon is Victory Sword
  • Gyorunton: Her starting weapon is Bracelet
  • Sir Ambrojoe: Her starting weapon is La Robba
  • Zi’Assunta Belpaese: Her starting weapon is Vento Sacro
  • Iguana Gallo Valletto: Their starting weapon is the Clock Lancet.
  • Divano Thelma: Their starting weapon is Laurel.
  • O’Sole Meeo: Its starting weapon is Celestial Dusting
  • Concetta Caciotta: Her starting weapons is Shadow Pinion
  • Giovanna Grana: Her starting weapons is Gatti Amari.
  • Bianca Ramba: Her starting weapons is Carréllo.
  • Pugnala Provala: Her starting weapons are Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow.
  • Antonio: His starting weapon is the Whip
    • Level 0-9: No bonus
    • Level 10-19: +10% Damage
    • 20-29 Level: +20% Damage
    • Level 30-39: +30% Damage
    • Level 40-49: +40% Damage
    • 50 Level: +50% Damage
  • Imelda: Her starting weapon is the Magic Wand
    • Level 0-4: No bonus
    • Level 5-9: +10% Experience
    • 10-14 Level: +20% Experience
    • Level 15: +30% Experience
  • Pasqualina: Her starting weapon is the Runetracer
    • Level 0-4: No bonus
    • Level 5-9: +10% Projectile speed
    • 10-14 Level: +20% Projectile speed
    • Level 15: +30% Projectile Speed
  • Gennaro: His starting weapon is the Knife
  • Arca: Her starting weapon is the Fire Wand
    • Level 0-9: No bonus
    • Level 10-19: -5% Weapon Cooldown
    • 20-29 Level: -10% Weapon Cooldown
    • Level 30: -15% Weapon Cooldown
  • Porta: Her starting weapon is the Lightning Ring
  • Poe: His starting weapon is the Garlic
  • Mortaccio: His starting weapon is the Bone
    • Level 0-19: No bonus
    • Level 20-39: +1 Additional projectiles
    • 40-59 Level: +2% Additional projectiles
    • Level 60: +3 Additional projectiles
  • Exdash – Secret Character: His starting weapon is the Ebony Wings
  • Krochi Freeto: His starting weapon is the Bone
    • Level 0-32: x1 Revive
    • Level 33: x2 Revive
  • Dommario: His starting weapon is the King Bible
    • +40% projectile speed and +40% duration, at the cost of -40% movement speed.
  • Clerici: His starting weapon is the Santa Water
    • +0.5 Regeneration and +30 Max Health
  • Yatta Cavallo: His starting weapon is Cherry Bomb
  • Lama: His starting weapon is Song of Mana
  • Poppea Pecorina: His starting weapon is Axe
  • Christine Davain: Her starting weapon is the Pentagram.
  • Krochi Freetto: His starting weapon is Cross
  • Mask of the Red Death: His starting weapon is Death Spiral

Secret Character

Exdash is the only secret character in the game, he is almost an Easter Egg and is unlocked like no other character by entering a secret code on the home screen.

It is not that he is a great character, in fact he only has one advantage, +100% Luck, although it is permanent

But everything else is reduced: Reduced max health, area, duration, movespeed and much reduced speed, and it even has a higher cooldown. So it is almost a challenge to play with this character, which although it is secret is possibly the worst in the game

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