ZERO Sievert – Skills Specialization List

zero sievert skills specialization list

Last Updated on 2 December, 2022

Zero Sievert Skills Specialization List – In this article you will learn about the most useful primary and secondary skills of ZERO Sievert. Keep reading and don’t miss any detail

Zero Sievert Skills Specialization List

Brief Intro

The game has a variety of skills that are split into primary (Fitness, Style, Shooting, Charisma) and secondary categories (Medicine, Gunsmith, Cooking). Through playing the game, players can improve their fundamental skills. Reading skill books improves secondary talents.

You can opt to specialize in a skill once you’ve attained its highest level. Below is a list of all the skills’ specialties.

Let’s go!

Primary Skills

10 skill points per skill

Fitness specializations

  • Improved stamina (+10 right now and +2 per level).
  • If you weigh less than a particular amount (free run under 20KG + 2KG per level), running does not deplete your stamina.
  • Increase your maximum weight significantly (by 5 kg instantly and by 0.6 kg for each stage).
  • Stamina and running speed are somewhat increased (by 5 immediately and 1 stamina point every level, 10% immediately and 3 running speed points per level, respectively).
  • Reduce operating expenses (by 30% right now and 2% per level).

Style specializations

  • Significantly boost looting speed (+30% right away and +3% per level).
  • can see through walls to a chest.
  • Added 20% immediately and 2% extra loot per level to the loot in chests.
  • Reduce the enemy’s field of vision by 10% immediately and 1% per level.
  • Enemies need more time to find you (+10% immediately and +5% per level).
  • (+10% immediately and +2% more damage when undetected per level) More harm done while undetected.
  • Looting speed will be increased marginally (by 10% right now and 2% per level).
  • Enemies are visible for a longer period of time (20% initially and +3% per level).
  • More secret stashes on the maps (an instant +30% increase and an additional +2% per level).

Shooting specializations 

  • Reduce recoil significantly (by 15% right away and 2% per level).
  • Reloading speed will be somewhat increased (by 5% right away and 1% per level).
  • Reduce recoil by a small amount (-5% immediately and -1% per level).
  • Reloading speed will be significantly increased (by 20% right away and 2% per level).
  • Increase the ergonomics of aiming significantly (by 100% right now and by 10% per level).
  • Damage when aiming is greatly increased (+50% immediately and +8% damage while aiming per level).

Charisma specializations

  • The number of roubles available to dealers has increased (by 50% right away and by 6% per level).
  • The items that traders offer are more plentiful (traders have 50% more stuff right away and 5% more items per level).
  • Quest rewards will now be increased by 30% immediately and by 3% per level.

Secondary Skills

5 skill points per skill

Medicine specializations

  • Reduce the time spent taking medications (by 40% right away and 6% per level).
  • If you have a hospital, let you make injectors based on your level.

Gunsmith specializations

  • The efficacy of mounted modifications is increased (+10% immediately and +2% per level).
  • Reduce the loss of durability for armor and weapons significantly (-5% per level and a one-time 20% loss).

Cooking specializations

  • Explore more recipes.
  • Increase the nutritious content of the foods you produce by a significant amount (by 30% right away and 5% from your prepared meals per level).
  • You get greater health and stamina when you are neither hungry or dehydrated (+10 HP instantly and +2 HP per level, +15 immediately and +2 stamina per level).

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