10 Best Mods for Vampire Survivors How to take the game to the next level

10 Best Mods for Vampire Survivors How to take the game to the next level

Last Updated on 18 August, 2023

10 Best Mods for Vampire Survivors: How to take the game to the next level. Discover the 10 best mods for Vampire Survivors that can take your gaming experience to the next level. From Lucky Egg to Bootman’s BS Pack, these mods can enhance your gameplay with new maps, characters, and features. Read on to find out which mods you should try out.

10 Best Mods for Vampire Survivors How to take the game to the next level

Vampire Survivors, the bullet-hell roguelike game with its no-frills gameplay and focus on movement and strategy, has taken gamers by storm. While the vanilla version of the game has almost a hundred hours of gameplay, modding offers gamers the chance to take the game even further than the developers intended. Here are ten of the best Vampire Survivors mods that will help players go beyond the vanilla experience.

Lucky Egg

Link > Lucky Egg mod

The Lucky Egg mod provides a permanent increase to the Luck stat of the character played in the current run. While not a game-breaking amount, it increases the amount of end-game play available.

  • 900% Might
  • 900% Area
  • 400% Projectile speed
  • 400% Duration
  • -90% Cooldown reduction
  • +10 Projectile

Free Evolutions

Link > mod Free Evolutions

Free Evolutions removes the secondary requirements to evolve weapons into their advanced forms, making the late-game easier. This mod turns the characters into god-tier heroes that can decimate anything in their path.

Level Up Stat Growth

Link > mod Level Up Stat Growth

This mod alters how leveling works in the title. Characters become stronger as they level up, increasing the strength of their curses, move speed, and magnet AoE for each level. This mod also includes a simple explanation for configuring the level-up bonuses to match player preferences.

Chaotic Library

Link >  Chaotic Library mod

Chaotic Library offers more flexibility in pathing and movement during play. While the current vanilla version of the Library only offers a path east to west, the mod changes that to include repeating paths north and south as well.

Monster Survivors

Link >  mod Monster Survivors

Now players can play as the monsters they’ve been slaying by using the Monster Survivors mod. Players will first need to find the Mindbender relic, but the gameplay doesn’t change regardless of which hero is picked; they merely replace the sprites for the original heroes.

New Serenia

Link >  mod New Serenia

New Serenia offers a brand new map to explore. This map is outdoors, taking place around the outskirts of a pleasant town. Once installed, New Serenia is unlocked by surviving for 60 minutes with any character, gating this map for those well into the late-game of Vampire Survivors.

Bootman’s BS Pack

Link >  Bootman’s BS Pack mod

Bootman’s BS Pack changes unique heroes into memes and dreams, ranging from Peter Griffin to Uganda Knuckles. These characters come from different universes and are designed to beat back the creations of vampiric influence. While the characters don’t come with unique weapons and stat reworks, they replace the sprites of the original Survivors with meme-worthy ones.

New Game Plus Performance Mode

Link >  No Particles – Super Performance Mod

New Game Plus mod allows players to keep their character’s stats, weapon upgrades, and all previously unlocked characters when starting a new game. This mod increases the replayability of the game and allows players to experiment with different character builds.

Extended Power Up Levels

Link > Extended Power Up Levels mod

The Extended Power Up Levels mod seeks to significantly improve the depth and length of end-game play by adding more levels for power-up purchases. These purchases get costly, but they do not alter the end-game meta sufficiently to warrant a ‘cheat’ label.

By the end of the material, it’s simply extra levels for purchase that provide a way to better characters other than Golden Eggs. Only four of the categories’ maximum levels have been raised to six. It also includes multiple translations – just make sure to back up your saves first.

Vampire Survivors Cheat Mod – Multipurpose QoL

Link > Multipurpose QoL Mod

This patch includes a plethora of options:

  • Colourful chests are used to distinguish the contents.
  • Confirm chest contents automatically
  • DPS data based on damage averaged over the last several seconds
  • Weapon and item guidelines
  • Stats that have been broken are limited.
  • Debugs
  • Insta-restarts

This mod is perfect for those who want to bypass the challenges of the game and enjoy the lore and mechanics of Vampire Survivors. This mod provides an experience that is more casual than the base game and offers a great way to experience the story without dying a hundred times.

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