Vampire Survivors Achievements

Vampire Survivors Achievements

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

Vampire Survivors Achievements – All the achievements, how to unlock them, and guides to level up, unlock and evolve everything

Vampire Survivors Achievements – Full List

These are all the achievements and how to unlock them:

  • Wings: Reach Level 5
  • Crown: Reach Level 10
  • Hollow Heart: Survive 1 minute with any character
  • Runetracer: Survive 5 minutes with Pasqualina (Check Characters)
  • Peachone: Survive 10 minutes with any character
  • Arca: Get Fire Wand to Level 4 (Check Weapons)
  • Bracer: Get Holy Book To Level 4 (Check Weapons)
  • Candelabrador: Get Holy Water To Level 4 (Check Weapons)
  • Porta: Get Lightning Ring To Level 4 (Check Weapons)
  • Duplicator: Get Magic Wand To Level 7 (Check Weapons)
  • Ebony WIngs: Get Peachone To Level 7 (Check Weapons)
  • Spellbinder: Get Runetracer To Level 7 (Check Weapons)
  • Empty Tome: Have 6 Different Weapons (Check Weapons)
  • Fire Wand: Destroy 20 light sources
  • Garlic: Find 5 Pot Roasts
  • Clover: Find a Clover
  • Lancet: Find an Orologion
  • Cross: Find a Rosary
  • Lightning Ring: Defeat a total of 5000 enemies
  • Mortaccio: Defeat a total of 3000 skeletons
  • Pentagram: Survive 20 minutes with any character
  • Hyper Mad Forest: Defeat the giant Blue Venus in the Mad Forest
  • Poe Ratcho: Get Garlic to level 7 (Check Weapons)
  • Hyper Inlaid Library: Defeat the Nesuferit in the Inlaid Library
  • Inlaid Library: Reach Level 20 in Mad Forest
  • Pummarola: Survive 5 minutes with Gennaro (Check Characters)
  • Stone Mask: Find a Stone Mask (Check Stone Mask)
  • Bloody Tear: Evolve the Whip (Check evolutions)
  • Holy Wand: Evolve the Magic Wand (Check evolutions)
  • Thousand Edge: Evolve the Knife (Check evolutions)
  • Death Spiral: Evolve the Axe (Check evolutions)
  • Heaven Sword: Evolve the Cross (Check evolutions)
  • Unholy Vespers: Evolve the King Bible (Check evolutions)
  • Hellfire: Evolve the Fire Wand (Check evolutions)
  • Soul Eater: Evolve the Garlic (Check evolutions)
  • Vandalier: Unite Ebony Wings and Peachone (Check evolutions)


Almost all achievements require the same thing, survive, evolve, unlock or level up a character or weapon. So consult the guide that interests you and you will find all the information you need

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