A Dumb Day Trello Link & Wiki (2023)

A Dumb Day Trello Link & Wiki

Last Updated on 9 October, 2023

A Dumb Day Trello Link & Wiki – Official link of Trello, the most complete wiki of the @Socrite’s Roblox game

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A Dumb Day Trello Link & Wiki – Official Trello

Trello Link & Wiki – A Dumb Day: https://trello.com/b/WC3WKwEk/a-bizarre-universe

You can also check the Fandom:

Fandom Link & Wiki – A Dumb Day: https://a-dumb-day.fandom.com/f

A Dumb Day Trello Link & Wiki – Fandom Wiki

If you’re looking for a wiki for the game, so are we, and we’ve finally found it. Well, we have actually found two, Fandom and Trello, and the truth is that it is still early to tell you which is better of the two, but we can tell you that both are very complete.

While we’re here, let’s start with Trello. As almost always, the first section (Info & Economy) is somewhat introductory, although watch out for the next few days, they say they are going to put a Tier List right there. So that soon, the most interesting will be right at the beginning

Starting from the introduction, the usual sections: Features & Events, NPCs & Bosses, Stands, Abilities, Items, Unob Abilities and Unob Items. There are not too many sections, but nothing is missing. And the truth is that the information is already very complete. If you click on any item you will see what it is for, where to get it and the typical FAQIn the Fandom the information is very similar, so when in doubt we stay with trello, which we like more visually. Although in Fandom there is a relatively recent Tier List, from the summer. It is in text and we assume that in Trello they will put it with photos. But hey, if it works for you, we’ll leave it below

The information is extensive, up-to-date and has the quality seal of being official information, built by collaborators, but reviewed directly by the @Socrite team

In case it can help you, here are some guides based on information from Trello, although grouped in a list format, to make it easier for you to access the informationGift:

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Trello FAQ – Tier List

We leave you the Tier List, at the moment it is only in Fandom, although in Trello they have already announced that they will update it shortly:

  1. X+ : |Supreme power| (You can trade it with !supreme [username] or using the new trade system)
  2. X : | Sans KC | Eldritch | Star Platinum The World
  3. S : Bootleg Africa Act 4 | (⛏️) The Pickaxe | MUI
  4. A+: BAA3 | BAA2 | Test Spec | BAA1 | SPR15 | TWR15 | African Spin | DIOTW | Shinigami | Keith
  5. A: True SCR | Bootleg Dream Scythe | Shadow Sonic | Sonic | DSTW | STW | Bootleg Socrite’s PP
  6. B+ : KCR | Wario | SPGIC | TWGIC | Hi No Ha | Machine Gun | Glock | Sniper | SPOVAH | TWOVAH | Kenshiro | Kars
  7. B: Manga KC | Mono KC | Made In Heaven | Kawaii PP | Sakuya | EVA-01 Berserk | Bloody PG | Kawaii Snake | ZeroTwo | Megumin | EVA-01 | SCR | TWOVA | SPOVA | Pistol | Silver Chariot | Forgotten PP | PPAU
  8. C : C-Moon | SPOH | TWOH | Pot Platinum | GEROH | Cirno | Rainbow Mario | Cosmic Luigi | Pan Platinum | FOTPS | Saitama | PG | Vampiric TW
  9. D : BPP | Shiny CD | Shiny KQ | Hamon | Vampire | Mario | Luigi | Hat Kid | KC | Platinum | GER |
  10. E 😐 Oni | Whitesnake | 2 Arm Doppio | Coffin Dancer | Star Platinum | The World | Gold Experience | The World AU |
  11. F : | SPSO | Crazy Diamond | Hierophant Green | Killer Queen | 1 Arm Doppio | Anubis | Emperor | One More Time | Standless |

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