Ability Wars Operator Badge Guide

Ability Wars Operator Badge

Last Updated on 23 February, 2023

Ability Wars Operator Badge Guide – All the missions and some tips and locations to complete them successfully

You must complete all 10 missions, so we explain how to complete each mission

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Ability Wars Operator Badge Guide – All Missions

These are all the missions and how to complete them:

  • Buy an item from the shop: just go to the shop and buy an item
  • Punch someone into the void:  just punch somebody off the map
  • Find the Backrooms: To complete this quest, simply enter the cave in the upper left corner. You will then noclip through the floor into the Backrooms.
  • Kill someone with Boomerang: To complete this quest, all you need to do is reduce a target’s health to zero before using the Boomerang ability to kill them.
  • Blow someone up with Cake: Simply equip the Cake ability, and throw it. If someone steps on the cake, you will receive it. 300 punches are yours as compensation for this.
  • Go to the moon: The gravity ability must be equipped and used simultaneously by both of you and at least one other person.
  • Kill a boss: You must wait for one of four bosses to spawn in order to finish this quest, and you must be the one to land the last blow.
  • Infect 5 people with Hivemind: You need to equip the Hivemind ability, and have 5 different people in your “tribe” at the same time
  • Have your Robot kill 2 people: It’s recommended to get 2 people to red in the bar, and then spawn your robot before they die
  • Get 300 streak with Devourer Of Souls: As Devourer Of Souls, you must kill 300 people without dying

Video Tutorial

In case you have any questions, we leave you a stop this video guide, in which you can see step by step, and in less than 3 minutes how to complete all the missions and unlock the badge

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