How to go to the Backrooms in Ability Wars – Badge & Secret Location

How to go to the Backrooms in Ability Wars

Last Updated on 23 February, 2023

How to go to the Backrooms in Ability Wars – Backroomsist badge and Backrooms Mission – Get both things by following the steps that we are going to explain

In ability wars, the backrooms is a hidden place where you can enter to obtain the backrooms badge. You will receive the “the backrooms” badge and the “lemon” ability in the game after you arrive at the backrooms.

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How to go to the Backrooms in Ability Wars

The backrooms are located in the cave entrance’s opposite corner. To enter, stand in the corner and use shift lock to stare at the wall.

Go into the cave. You can access the invisible hole in the northwest corner of the cave using first person/shift lock, which is facing the entrance from the stairs. Then you’ll go into the back rooms.

Now that you have found the secret location and unlocked the Badge The backrooms, check your skills, because you also unlocked Lemon

Lemon Ability

With this power, you become invisible. You can punch individuals while in this state, but doing so will end the ability and begin the cooldown.

Passive Movements – Lemon Witness
Even when their ability is activated, Lemon users can still see other Lemon users.

Users of Friendly Lemon cannot harm one another passively.

E – Invisibility: After consuming a lemon, you become invisible. You can punch individuals and gain a momentary speed boost while invisible. There is no other method to begin the cooldown and regain visibility. Users of the trolling shift, especially those who wait on the edge, will benefit greatly from this move. Although bounty places a bounty on you for disclosing your location, it’s useful for escaping from stronger players.

Video Tutorial

In case you have any questions, we leave you a CraftyCup 150 video guide, in which you can see step by step, and in less than a minute how to get to the Backrooms, complete the mission, and unlock the badge

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