How to get Burger in Ability Wars

How to get Burger in Ability Wars

Last Updated on 23 February, 2023

How to get Burger in Ability Wars – Grocery shopping badge (pizza, cake and burger), burger ability location (quest giver), and moves (Viability Rank)

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How to get Burger in Ability Wars – Tutorial

By obtaining the grocery shopping badge and clicking the burger under the task giver’s chair, you can unlock the secret ability known as Burger. There must be 6000 punches.

Grocery shopping badge

Collect the Burger, Pizza and Cake and have them all in your inventory at once. Step-by-step guide:

  1. Equip Gravity: costs 500 punches
  2. Get the pizza from the cave
  3. Get the cake from the top of the spawn
  4. Finally get the burger: underside of the map corner (near the tree) >  jump off the map as close to the corner as you can

Burger location

Under the chair that the mission giver sits on, next to the portal in spawn

How to get Burger in Ability Wars – Moves

Of all his moves, the one from Viability Rank is especially recommended:

  • E – Burger Summon: Summon burgers that throw themselves towards the mouse, dealing slight knockback. It only deals 5% of a player’s health in damage, which is less than a punch delivers. But when it strikes one individual repeatedly, it can cause a lot of harm, possibly causing up to 75% of a player’s health.
  • Viability Rank: With proper aim, you may easily target someone who is across from you on the map because to its incredible ranged attack. Additionally, it has a relatively quick cooldown and, when used properly, can provide the player with almost 200 punches in a single use. Burgers are fantastic for giving people the creeps because of the knockback.
  • Targeted Rank: Since it is not particularly strong or difficult to avoid, people will typically disregard it. Only people who struggle with dodging are at risk from it.

How to get Burger in Ability Wars – Video Guide

Finally we leave you the ARFK4Y video guide, where you can see, through a gameplay, all the steps to achieve this ability

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