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alchemist code tier list

Last Updated on 6 November, 2023

Alchemist Code Tier List – Hello fellow Alchemist Code players! If you’re on this page, you might want to know the best units in-game in the current meta, right? Then check out our alchemist code ranking and find out!

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Alchemist Code Tier List

Alchemist Code Tier List – Tier S Units

These are the best Alchemist Code characters in the game right now, and they can be used in all situations. They can deal with multiple units at once and have a high damage output. Their versatility, skill and defense are also important as they can easily handle any situation that arises.

Alchemist Code Units Element
Acht Wind
Ainanna Light
Alma Light
Ambrosia Dark
Andechs Light
Ankh Water
Bell Cranel Fire
Bianca Light
Blair Light
Cadanova Fire
Carla Fire
Cheryl Light
Chihaya Fire
Chloe Light
Claris Thunder
Creto Fire
Dark Julia Thunder
Dark Longinus Water
Dark Mira Water
Dark Nyx Wind
Dark Othima Thunder
Dias Dark
Eira Water
Eliza Dark
Emmel Light
Emrys Water
Escanor Fire
Eulalia Wind
Ewan Wind
Failnaught Dark
Filo Wind
Gerald Thunder
Grimm I Dark
Hisham Light
Icona Fire
Ikasa Dark
Jin Dark
Judith Thunder
Julia Water
Kaya Fire
King Wind
Lachesis Wind
Langhao Thunder
Leafah Wind
Letitia Water
Li Wang Water
Lil’ Ouroboros Dark
Lilith Thunder
Lisbeth Water
Logi Light
Macherie Wind
Masakado Wind
Milim Nava Light
Minerva (POTK) Thunder
Minerva Light
Mira Fire
Monzein Thunder
Morrigan Fire
Na Zhu Wind
Naofumi Iwatani Dark
Natalie Wind
Nefertiti Wind
Nero Dark
Nesha Fire
Nimul Fire
Nyx Thunder
Orion Thunder
Ragnarok Fire
Ramses Wind
Raphtalia Light
Red VI Wind
Roxanne Thunder
Ryui Dark
Shenmei Water
Sol Dark
Spica Light
Ugachi Fire
Vettel Fire
Vier Thunder
Voda Water
Yauras Water

Tier A Units

A-Tier includes Alchemist Code characters, who are also powerful, but not as good as their S counterparts in one or two areas. They may have slightly lower stats or less power than S units, but they’re still great alchemist code units to use on your team!

Alchemist Code Units Element
Adaleigh Fire
Alaia Water
Albea Dark
Anastasia Dark
Ange Thunder
Artemis Wind
Arthur Fire
Asuka Fire
Balt Wind
Ban Fire
Basheeny Dark
Bashosen Wind
Benika Thunder
Benimaru Fire
Bertha Dark
Birgitta Dark
Caesar Fire
Caris Thunder
Cassius Thunder
Celis Thunder
Cita Wind
Corvus Thunder
Courage Fire
D’Artagnan Water
Daisy Fire
Daphne Water
Dark Artemis Wind
Dark Freikugel Thunder
Dark Laevateinn Thunder
Dark Masamune Fire
Dark Olivier Thunder
Dark Parashu Wind
Dark Setsuna Fire
Dark Tyrfing Light
Diane Water
Don Taras Fire
Drei Thunder
Edgar Thunder
Eins Water
Eizan Thunder
Elaine Water
Elizabeth Water
Emma Fire
Ennis Water
Eve Fire
Evelika Water
Fairily Light
Fayrene Wind
Fiona Light
Fraise Light
Fujika Thunder
Fuu Fire
Füry Fire
Glanz Dark
Gowther Light
Hazel Fire
Hercule Light
Irene Dark
Itsuki Water
Kagura Fire
Kanon Light
Kasumi Light
Klima Water
Kubera Wind
Kudanstein Dark
Lakina Dark
Lamia Water
Leoniaz Wind
Lisanaut Fire
Lofia Water
Lucia Thunder
Lucian Wind
Lucretia Thunder
Lunaris Dark
Lupinus Fire
Magnus Thunder
Margaret Light
Meliodas Dark
Melty Melromarc Water
Merlin Dark
Merlinus Water
Mia Dark
Minario Water
Miuna Fire
Moa Light
Mocca Wind
Natsume Water
Neica Light
Neun Dark
Neville Water
Nicaea Light
Nina Light
Noah Fire
Othima Water
Pamela Fire
Patty Wind
Plumeria Water
Quence Dark
Rachel Thunder
Rahu Wind
Ravina Water
Rebecca Thunder
Reido Dark
Reimei Fire
Ren Water
Rimuru Tempest Water
Rochelle Fire
Rosa Dark
Scheherazade Wind
Seida Wind
Setsuna Wind
Sharon Thunder
Shion Wind
Sieba Light
Siegfried Light
Soren Water
Su Yi Light
Sulva Fire
Suzuka Light
Tamamo Wind
Tamis Wind
Tanosuke Wind
Tiferet Light
Toritoh Light
Tsukuyomi Dark
Tyrfing Light
Uzuma Wind
Vlad Thunder
Wilhelm Wind
Yna Ku Thunder
Yomi Wind
Yura Dark
Zahar Dark
Zain Light
Zechs Light
Zehn Water
Zeldris Thunder
Zheng Yi Dark
Zwei Wind

Tier B Units

While these units aren’t the best in Alchemist’s code, they’re still pretty good! They’re not the absolute best (that’s why they’re in the B rank), but they still have some pretty solid advantages over other characters in the game, especially from lower-ranked characters below.

Some of these can be particularly useful in certain situations if used correctly and with great support from others. Either way, if you want to build a decent alchemist code team and don’t have the best units, these guys are worth considering!

Alchemist Code Units Element
Aisha Light
Alexis Water
Almira (Disgaea) Wind
Almira Wind
Alphonse Light
Amaterasu Light
Aswald Dark
Blanchett Dark
Bud Light
Carol Light
Celine Wind
Cordelia Wind
Dark Chloe Dark
Dark Princess Yomi Dark
Dark Zain Dark
Deneb Thunder
Dorothea Fire
Edward Wind
Elizabeth Liones Light
Eros Light
Forcas Water
Freed Light
Fung Liu Water
Gilfred Fire
Gino Water
Gormalas Dark
Hange Light
Hayate Wind
Hiiragi Wind
Hozuki Dark
Ila Fire
Ines Fire
Ishuna Thunder
Izayoi Wind
Kamui Fire
Kevin Water
Kuza Dark
Laevateinn Thunder
Laila Thunder
Liu Shen Fire
Lizardman Wind
Longinus Water
Lotiyah Thunder
Malta Water
Mei Fang Thunder
Meily Thunder
Melda Fire
Mielikki Light
Mirianne Dark
Parashu Wind
Priscilla Dark
Reida Dark
Rimuru Tempest (Slime) Water
Ryle Light
Sakura Fire
Selena Water
Shayna Water
Silma Wind
Sophia Water
Suiran Wind
Tehre Thunder
Teona Thunder
Tethys Water
Theresa Dark
Tina Wind
Tsang Lei Thunder
Vivi Fire
Yunagi Water
Yuri Thunder
Zofia Thunder

Tier C Units

These alchemist code units are slightly below average, good, but not as good as advanced characters. They have decent stats, but still not as strong as the other higher ranked ones!

However, if you’re just starting out, you’ll probably be playing for a while. In this case, they’re not too bad, especially in the early stages of the game.

Alchemist Code Units Element
Alfred Thunder
Almace Water
Alyu Fire
Amane Water
Amis Thunder
Annerose Dark
Annika Water
Aranea Dark
Archer Dark
Arkil Fire
Aruba Thunder
Blitz Thunder
Celliers Light
Chao Thunder
Chat Noir Water
Chiruru Water
Ciel Fire
Dancer Shenmei Water
Decel Light
Dilga Thunder
Dragoon Chloe Light
Edwin Dark
Elrike Water
Envy Wind
Eren Fire
Etna Light
Fencer Wind
Flamel Wind
Freikugel Thunder
Gane Water
Gato Water
Gilgamesh Thunder
Gladiolus Fire
Gunner Water
Gyan Wind
Harbinger Dark
Hazuki Wind
Hugo Light
Ignis Wind
Illyasviel Water
Jake Fire
Justin Thunder
Kazahaya Wind
Killia Dark
King Bradley Thunder
Kuon Light
Laharl Fire
Lambert Fire
Lamia (Fate) Water
Leon Wind
Levi Dark
Lucido Thunder
Masamune Fire
Megistos Thunder
Melia Wind
Mianne Fire
Michael Water
Mikasa Water
Mikoto Water
Milis Wind
Mizuchi Water
Nasario Wind
Noctis Water
Olga Light
Peridot Light
Polin Wind
Pride Dark
Prinny Water
Prompto Thunder
Protector Light
Reagan Water
Red Magnus Fire
Reiner Wind
Retzius Thunder
Richie Fire
Rigalt Wind
Rin Tohsaka Fire
Rin Water
Rosa (Disgaea) Dark
Roy Mustang Fire
Seraphina Light
Shaman Light
Shekinah Fire
Soleil Light
Strie Fire
Waginau Light
Zangetsu Fire

Tier D Units

Finally, we currently have the weakest unit in the Alchemist code meta. These are not that great and should be avoided if you want to remove content easily. You should only consider using these if you don’t have any other units available.

Alchemist Code Units Element
Ignacio Dark
Logistilla Fire
Rin (Disgaea) Water
Riza Hawkeye Water
Sabareta Dark
Saber Wind
Sovereign Thunder
Strauss Water
Thillie Wind
Tomas Light
Usalia Thunder
Vanekis Thunder
Vargas Fire
Veloz Fire
Victor Light
Vincent Thunder
Won Light
Yomi (Fate) Wind
Yuan Dark
Yuto Fire
Zahar (Fate) Dark
Zeke Ligh

Alchemist Code Tier List – Final Considerations

Ok guys, you already know, you’ve reached the bottom of our alchemist code rankings. Hope this works for you, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t know what units to target.

Of course, no ranking is 100% accurate, and for a game like Alchemist’s Code, we all have different playstyles and favorite characters, but we think it’s at least a good representation of the current state of the world game.

Also, we didn’t pay attention to Alchemist Code JP units and meta, as this isn’t really relevant to players right now.

But when the global version is updated, we will try to update this list with new units and change the ranking of buffs and nerfs accordingly.

More about Alchemist

Alchemy Code is a 3D mobile RPG game developed by gumi Inc. and distributed worldwide for free for iOS and Android devices. Despite having similar gacha to other games like Revived Witch and Arknights, this game still surprised us with its excellent graphics, storyline, and animations. Oh…and hundreds of units.

There are many different characters in Alchemist Code, each with their own unique abilities and strategies. So how do you determine which are good and which are your team’s to avoid? We’ve compiled a list of Alchemist Code tiers of the best characters to use in the current global version of the game’s meta. Enjoy!

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