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eternal evolution tier list

Last Updated on 6 November, 2023

Eternal Evolution Tier List – In this article you will find the tier list of the heroes of Eternal Evolution ordered from best to worst ranking. We hope you find it useful!

Eternal Evolution Tier List – S -Tier

The characters at the top of our Eternal Evolution tier list are the best heroes in the game. They are very strong and have few faults. The only task of these characters is to smash and destroy enemies.

  • Bailey Hudson (Terran, Assassin)
  • Bohr (Wenfyr, Tank)
  • Crete (Wenfyr, Vanguard)
  • Emma (Terran, Hunter)
  • Hercules (Terran, Tank)
  • Khalazza (Terran, Hunter)
  • Luke (Wenfyr, Energy)
  • Masrani (Atlas, Support)
  • Nadilus (Atlas, Energy)
  • Oak (Atlas, Tank)
  • Rez (Terran, Support)
  • Zander (Atlas, Hunter)
  • Serena (Terran, Support)
  • Ravenna (Terran, Energy)
  • Sorietta (Atlas, Energy)
  • Taylor (Wenfyr, Hunter)
  • Zaida (Atlas, Tank)
  • Leo (Wenfyr, Vanguard)


Bohr is one of the best tanks in the game. It can throw enemy heroes and stun them. Bohr is not good at boss fights, but is good at PvP and certain chapters of the story mode. Bol’s passive Primal Blood instantly shields 15-19% of his maximum health for 6 seconds, making him a strong contender.


Emma Astral Star can be considered an S-Tier hunter heroine, her greatest strength is her bow. She destroys enemies with her bow, hitting targets with large, powerful strikes. Her strength allows her to easily take out enemies with good defense and a lot of health. Emma is great for teams working in agriculture. She’ll help you quickly pass dungeons like Deesa or the Ancient Altar.


Serena the Battle Angel is an S-Tier supporting heroine. One of her strengths is single-target healing for her teammates. She’s a very useful hero, keeping friendly tanks alive without issue. The only embarrassing thing about this hero is that she doesn’t have enough AoE heals to heal the entire team.

Eternal Evolution Tier List – A -Tier

The A-Tier characters are also pretty good, almost as good as the S-Tier characters. The reason they’re not on the above list is that the A-list characters have some minor flaws that keep them from getting better.

  • Liran (Wenfyr, Support)
  • Nagrama(Atlas, Energy0
  • Frenzy(Terran Energy)
  • Muka (Wenfyr, Vanguard)
  • Kain Karak (Terran, Energy)
  • Poluno (Atlas, Energy)
  • Azena (Terran, Hunter)
  • Moriami (Wenfyr, Hunter)
  • Rakkana (Wenfyr, Assassin)
  • Randall (Terran, Assassin)


Randall is considered an excellent DPS character, crushing anyone and everything in his path. Although he’s an assassin level, many make Randall a tank by giving him health and armor. The reason you should focus on this hero is that he strengthens his attack and his team.


A powerful character that deals good damage to enemies. At the start of the fight, he attacked the opponent’s back row and delivered a few well-targeted punches, destroying most of the back row. It’s much easier to gain full control of the battlefield after you’ve wreaked havoc.

Eternal Evolution – B -Tier

The strength of a B-Tier character is average. They’re not bad, but not great either. These heroes can act as a support or auxiliary force, but not as the main unit on the battlefield.

  • Aniruddha (Atlas, Support)
  • Prigor (Wenfyr, Hunter)
  • Artas (Atlas, Vanguard)
  • Bot Mark II (Terran, Hunter)
  • Hyupnos (Atlas, Support)
  • Shenwei (Wenfyr, Summon)
  • Langel (Wenfyr, Tank)
  • Murphyro (Atlas, Energy)
  • Oisa (Terran, Tank


Artas is a pretty decent character and can kill enemies on medium difficulty. It is worth remembering his unique abilities. Artas selects an enemy within his range and deals damage equal to 640% of his DEF, causing the enemy to enter a state of vengeance for 9 seconds.

Enemies in Vengeful state become the main target of Artas, their damage is reduced by 8%, and the damage of the enemy is further reduced by 1% for every 5% of missing health, up to a maximum of 15%.


Hyupnos is a good character and he will be a good supporter on the battlefield. Its surge of energy unleashes an arcane overflow to subdue foes. The suppressed enemy is incapable of any action for three seconds and is practically useless. In the process, it continues to deal significant damage to enemies, which comes in handy.

Eternal Evolution – C -Tier

This tier includes characters that you shouldn’t waste your resources and time on as they don’t bring much to the battlefield. Instead, they just occupy a place where a more useful role could be filled.

  • Kar’Maw (Wenfyr, Energy)
  • Kuite (Atlas, Tank)
  • Omar (Terran, Energy)
  • Orn (Terran, Energy)


He could be described as a pretty good hero that would definitely help you in the early stages of the game. However, he is not likely to help you when you are already in the end game.

Final Conclusion

Here is the full Eternal Evolution ranking. We hope we’ve highlighted a lot of useful information for you and helped you pick a hero you like that will bring you victory. Be sure to visit us again as the leaderboards are constantly updated as new updates and heroes appear in the game.

About Eternal Evolution

In the fantasy role-playing game Eternal Evolution, you must gather a team of brave heroes to fight in the eternal arena of the universe. Epic warriors from the Terran, Atlantis and Venfir genres will be delighted to join your team. In order to progress and win in the game, you need to know the best heroes in Eternal Evolution.

Eternal Evolution Tier List

Don’t forget that our list of Eternal Evolution ranking is not final, and even if they are at the bottom of the list, you can still play as your favorite character. You can always experiment with characters to see which ones work best for you, and even ones you think are weak can bring victory if you join a balanced team.

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