Graffiti Smash Tier List & Reroll Tier List

graffiti smash tier list

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Graffiti Smash Tier List & Reroll Guide – This article will give you a comprehensive Graffiti Smash tier list so you can start chasing the best hunters in the game right from the start.

Top Heroes in Graffiti Smash

Honestly, you can make almost any character. You can increase their star rating by summoning dungeons from the Gacha. So if a hero is 2* or 4*, it’s only a matter of time before leveling up. As is normal BANDAI NAMCO, these games tend to feature a large number of characters (you may have noticed the similarities between Graffiti Smash and Dragon Ball Legends).

It’s the same here – you can level up a hero and unlock their potential, which is only possible through gacha (by getting dupes). Therefore, you may see some top characters not necessarily starting out as 4-star heroes.

Graffiti Smash Tier List & Reroll Tier List

If you’re looking for a quick list of graffiti smash reroll tier list, let me help you. The following heroes are available from the Gacha:

  • Lame
  • Conrad
  • Alice
  • Inari
  • Noel
  • Li Lin
  • Anwar

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the full ranking of Graffiti Smash!

Graffiti Smash Tier List – Flame Characters

Tier Characters
S Conrad, Lilin, Jet, Rone, Luke, Yau, Lilly, Lothar, Diana, Wrath, Resty, Halloween Elena, Zeno, Sherd, Neo, Gluttony, Sakura Day Abel, Liberta, Iris, Fran, Yanagi, Uriel
A Yunis, Lian, Slyne, Yuo, Ayame, Gartrium, Nobody, Akeno
B Avalude, Arsen, Spira, Ruge, Simoun, Gloria, Kirika, Blanche, Whalley, Praisir, Maje, Fullmoon Rum
C Chaton, Tarkish, Pium, Eremia, Fore, Tropical Lamel, Ubel, Minnette, Isaac

Graffiti Smash – Wind Tier List

Tier Characters
S Fate, Bard, Karin, Metatron, Seiten, Reise, Shayle, Leloucel, Uruk
A Ginji, Saizou, Salva, Fidel, Janet, Raziel, Prize, Lorne, Genbu, Gamester Conrad
B Renge, Digny, Ideal, Soulier, Nikolaus, Mint, Anju, Edgar, Tropical Sophia, Fauna, Riche, Sanya, Gin, Nisse, Lamp, Maid Hina, Kalm, Tropical Kirika, Liscia, Yue
C Halva, Felsch, Kurche, Vena, Honnete, Souji, Stille, Soldat, Nordic, Precia, Anniversary Lilly

Graffiti Smash – Water Tier List

Tier Characters
S Alice, Lamel, Lutz, Stear, Noel, Rufure, Elena, Juvia, Rudia, Eline, Livio, Pecora, Femina, Olga, Gabriel, Linaria, Purete
A Abel, Einsarm, Perfee, Acedia, Eryx, Halloween Karin, Seiryu, Ortho, Sakura Day Yunis
B Sonno, Lin, Marcian, Ferres, Amana, Rum, Meryl, Markus, Muley, Xmas Eve Justice, Butler Reise, Jens, Vita, Tropical Lynn, Tropical Salva, Halloween Claire
C Kaut, Garza, Deetch, Vaivara, Vento, Fordeal, Leah, Anniversary Clara

Graffiti Smash – Dark Characters

Tier Characters
S Yomi, Anvar, Lunetta, Krampus, Schneider, Heine, Hadit, Jack, Sion, Tropical Stear, Victor, Yurin, Ting, Kirin, Miel
A Visbel, Cheny, Kai, Fearmara, Sariel, Mira, Figaro, Noir, Jeddy, Zesta, Lust, Noah, Vicelli
B Treta, Orvid, Sophia, Zapp, Innes, Folia, Azalea, Negato, Ezelle, Cecilia, Crow, Anniversary Amana
C Shu, Savant, Matia, Nia, Curtail, Betta, Dangel

Graffiti Smash – Light Characters

Tier Characters
S Inari, Claire, Lynn, Masamune, Tir, Clara, Makina, Lorenz, Xmas Eve Alice, Raphael, Mocha, Margaret, Rop, Fullmoon Yomi
A Dirnando, Assad, Justice, Greed, Iberis, Leo, Tropical Rufure, Nunnally, Melta, Celio, Byakko, Ariel
B Stovy, Gione, Smittel, Hina, Michelle, Darta, Chloe, Masso, Werfen, Baird, Tropical Renge, Dirnando
C Karent, Soal, Kaslan, Rose, Revery, Maxima, Elia, Mikatsuchi, Homuna, Halloween Anvar

About Graffiti Smash

Currently, there are 245 characters released in Graffiti Smash. We’ve listed every one of them (yes, every one!) so you can easily decide which ones to add to your team. We also divided them by element. So if you’re looking for a specific hero, this should be easier to find.

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