Arcane Odyssey Map with All Locations (2024)

Arcane Odyssey Map

Last Updated on 30 March, 2024

Arcane Odyssey Map with All Locations – Full Map with all the locations ( Islands, Sky islands, towns and points of interest)

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Arcane Odyssey Map with All Locations – Full Map

High resolution map with all the islands and locations, click on the image to enlarge


We will update this map as soon as there are updates in the game

Arcane Odyssey Map with All Locations – Locations

There are lots of islands, sky islands and towns, here you have the whole list, with the main places of interest that you will find in each location


  • Dawn Island
  • The Jaws
  • Elm Island
  • Mango Isle
  • Frostmill Island
  • Stepstones
  • Whitesummit
  • Palo Island
  • Goso Jungle
  • Darkpine Isle
  • Silverhold
  • Limestone Key
  • Whispering Caverns
  • Thorin’s Refuge
  • Harvest Island
  • Forest of Cernunno
  • Munera Garden
  • Fort Talos
  • Sailor’s Lodge
  • Sandfall Isle
  • Ravenna Island
  • Shell Island
  • Mount Othrys
  • Akursius Keep

Sky Islands

  • Cirrus Island
  • Skycliff Island
  • The Myriad
  • Djin Ruins


  • Redwake
    • Redwake of the Bronze Sea
    • Clear the Pirates
    • Talk to Estrid(1)
    • The Red Fin
    • Talk to Estrid(2)
    • Meet Chief Alfarin
    • Preparing for the Journey
    • Return to Redwake
  • Frostmill
    • Frostmill Village. (Primary Village of Frostmill Island.)
    • Frostmill Docks. (The main and only trading port for Frostmill island, regularly trading Fish and other valuables.)
    • The Frostmill ice mines. (an extensive system of tunnels all throughout the island, some are abandoned, blocked off by destructible ice, or lead to an opposite side of the island.)
    • Abandoned Village. (Abandoned on the outskirts of Frostmill lies a Village since forgotten to time.)
    • The Frozen Peaks. (The large mountain ranges of Frostmill Island.)
    • Frostmill Wilderness. (The great permafrost, the wastelands of Frostmill Harsh to all life.)
  • Palo Town
    • Palo Town (Capital of the Island.)
    • Docks (These Docks are used by merchants from all across the War Seas.)
    • Wilderness (At the summit of the mountain rests a small lake with a cascading waterfall, there is a cave in this mountain peak.)
    • Mountain Hut (On the top of the mountain residing on the outside of Palo Town lies a Hut with a Cooking Pot.)
    • Cave (On the top of the mountain cove lies a cave with various treasures inside.
  • Cirrus Town
    • Cirrus Village (A small lovely peaceful town above the clouds, home of the Skyships.)
    • Cirrus Wilderness (Mostly consisting of beautiful autumn colored tree’s and varying plants.)
  • Sailor’s Lodge
    • The Lodge (A Lodge in the central part of the platform.)
    • The Docks (These Docks are used by merchants from all across the War Seas.)
  • Rasna
  • Rubica
  • Tiberia
  • Monoah Village

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