How to Easily Find Order Members in Roblox’s Arcane Odyssey

How to Easily Find Order Members in Roblox's Arcane Odyssey

Last Updated on 13 March, 2023

How to Easily Find Order Members in Roblox’s Arcane Odyssey. Struggling to find Order members in Roblox’s Arcane Odyssey? Check out our guide on how to locate and defeat them quickly and easily. Get ready for a thrilling battle with these powerful foes and unlock new adventures in the game.

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How to Easily Find Order Members in Roblox’s Arcane Odyssey

Arcane Odyssey is an incredibly immersive and vast MMORPG that takes players on a thrilling adventure filled with quests and battles. One of the challenging missions in the game is finding and hunting down Order Initiates in ‘The Order’s Hideout’ quest.

However, locating them is a daunting task, and players often find themselves struggling to find their location. We will guide you through how to find Order members in Arcane Odyssey quickly and easily.

Starting your Search from Cirrus Island

The journey to find Order members begins at Cirrus Island, the sky island located in the game’s vast map.

Once you’re on Cirrus Island, head to the port at the southern end and dock your skyboat.

If you haven’t got a skyboat yet, you can get one by completing various quests and missions in the game.

Make Your Way to Djin Ruins

After docking your skyboat, you need to head south towards the Djin Ruins.

This step might be challenging as the game doesn’t provide any guidance on how to find the ruins. However, you can identify its location by understanding that it is on the same horizontal line as Silverhold. You may have to turn slightly to the right to land there.

Prepare for Battle

Once you land on Djin Ruins, be cautious as Order Initiates will detect your presence and immediately attack you.

These foes are incredibly powerful and require strong magical abilities to defeat, so make sure you’re ready for a battle. It’s best to face them in a group, so gather your allies before taking them on.

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