Arcane Odyssey Trello Link & Wiki (2023)

Arcane Odyssey Trello Link & Wiki

Last Updated on 9 October, 2023

Arcane Odyssey Trello Link & Wiki – Official link of Trello, the most complete wiki of the WorldUp Studios’s Roblox RPG game

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Arcane Odyssey Trello Link & Wiki – Official Trello

Trello Link & Wiki – Pixel Piece:

Arcane Odyssey Trello Link & Wiki – Fandom Wiki

Trello is one of the wikis for the game. The truth is that we believe that it is not fully developed yet, but it is worth taking a look, we will explain.

Normally wikis have a multitude of sections with a multitude of items. But in this trello, there are barely 5 sections, and three of them look more like a roadmap than a wiki: Major feature ideas, lists and patch notes. So pay special attention to the first and last section

Information: Scroll to find anything about Clashing rates, NPC & boss item rates, stat builds, magic types, fighting style types, enchantments, market place. From there are just ideas, so like a roapmap or development status. Drops and clashing rates are especially interesting

Al current Magic Interactions: Acid magic, water magic, fire magic, earth magic, ice magic, lightning magic, magma magic, wood magic, light magic, wind magic, shadow magic, metal magic, poison magic, plasma magic, sand magic, glass magic, crystal magic, snow magic, explosion magic and ash magic. This section is very interesting because there are all the strengths and weaknesses against other types of magic

We are amazed at how quickly this Trello Wiki has been created and how complete it is, we hope it helps you as much as it did us, and thanks to the WorldUp Studios team for the effort

At the moment there is no fandom (another wiki format with much more text), but if they incorporate it in the future, we will indicate it at the beginning of this guide, providing you with the direct link

The information is extensive, up-to-date and has the quality seal of being official information, built by collaborators, but reviewed directly by the Pixel Piece team.

In case it can help you, here are some guides based on information from Trello, although grouped in a list format, to make it easier for you to access the information:

Trello FAQ


Two methods to get pixel fruits:

  • Vitality – Increases your maximum health, but reduces your damage output slightly. In turn, having high vitality allows you to use spirit weapons.
  • Magic – Increases your knowledge of magic, allowing you to use stronger spells, master multiple magics, and more.
  • Strength – Increases your athleticism, allowing you to use stronger melee attacks, master multiple fighting styles, and more.
  • Weapons – Increases your experience in using weapons, allowing you to use stronger weapon abilities, master high level weapons, and more.

Vitality based builds

  • Warden – Full vitality (over 60% of stat points spent on it)
  • Paladin – Vitality/Magic (40% or higher of each)
  • Juggernaut – Vitality/Strength (40% or higher of each)
  • Knight – Vitality/Weapons (40% or higher of each)
  • Savant – Mixed stats (15% or more in all stats)
  • Vitality-based builds will get:
    • Spirit Weapons – No card yet, post-release feature: Weapons that scale with vitality, allowing them to use unique abilities involving spirits and souls that drain the user’s health in order to deal damage.

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