Battle Cats Tier list – Top Uber And Rare Cats Ranked

battle cats tier list

Last Updated on 31 October, 2023

Battle Cats Tier List – Here are the best cats in our latest version of Battle Cats, from the latest update!

Battle Cats Tier List – Top Uber Cats

We breakdown every character in Battle Cats based on their rarity, capabilities, and ranking on our tier list.

Rank Battle Cats Units
S Aphrodite, D’artanyan, Gao, Jizo, Keiji, Mitama, Shadow Gao, Tecoluga, Togeluga
A Amaterasu, Baby Cat, Catman, EVA-00, EVA-01, Mighty Rekon Korps, NekoShinji, Pai Pai, Raiden, Thundia, Tropical Kalisa, Voli, Yukimura
B Akira, Cat Machine, EVA-02, Ganesha, Gothic Mitama, Hayabusa, Ice Cat, Kaguya, Kai, Megidora, Mekako, Mighty Drednot, Miyabi, Momotaro, Nurse Cat, Poseidon, Queen Reika, Sarukani, Subaru, Urashima Taro, Vars, Warlock and Pierre, Windy, Yuletide Nurse, Zeus
C Aer, Anubis, Balauga, Bora, Bunny and Canard, Cosmo, Demon Cat, Hallowindy, Kenshin, Kuu, Midsummer Rabbit, Mighty Bomburr, Mighty Thermae, Mizli, Nekoluga, Nerv Moon, REI, Saki, Sakura Sonic, Sodom, Spooky Thundia, Springtime Kenshin, Trickster Himeyuri, White Rabbit
D Asiluga, Graveflower Verbena, Frosty Kai, Lilith Cat, Mighty Kat-A-Pult, Paladin, Santa Kuu, Sea Maiden Ruri, Wolfchild Deale, Yoshimoto
E General Morden, HI-DO, Huge Hermit, Jupiter King, Mobius, Nobunga Unplaced

About Battle Cats

PONOS released the game Battle Cats on November 15, 2012. This mobile game is played on iOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS and Switch devices.

In this game, the player builds an army of cats to combat an enemy invasion.

The player keeps enemies from demolishing their base by enlisting their feline army.

By upgrading his towers and building new ones, he can fight back using his feline soldiers.

Players can upgrade their cat’s abilities or strength. This access to upgrades allows them to create powerful cats.


Since its release in 2012, the game Battle Cats has remained incredibly popular and is loved by millions around the world. Its cute tower defense gameplay continues to fuel that popularity.

But there are over 670 cats to choose from; that’s right, you read the stat correctly. It can be difficult to assemble the best team to conquer the world and expand the Empire of Cats.

To give both new players and veterans a general idea of which cat units are the best currently, we created this Battle Cats tier list.

Battle Cats Tier List Explained step by step

Tier S Battle Cats Units are the best cat units in the game. They’re typically hard to come by and can only be used in certain circumstances. However, they make the best cat team when looking to take over the world with your empire of cats. Any type of content can use these cats. Get them now!

Tier A Battle Cats Units are great for any battle. They lack some of the extra oomph of Tier S Battle Cats, but they’re still a great choice for any team.

A, B and S tier Battle Cats Units are considered the best in their category. However, Tier B cats require some help from other units to be effective. They are still easy to obtain, but they aren’t as powerful as Tier A or S cats.

Tier C Battle Cats Units are average cats. They aren’t very good, but they can be useful in specific situations if support is provided.

Tier D Battle Cats Units are below-average cats that shouldn’t be a part of a team unless other, better cat units aren’t available.

There’s no place in the current game meta for weak cat units. These Tier E Battle Cats Units should be avoided when playing.

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