TemTem Tier List – Top Characters Ranked

temtem tier list

Last Updated on 7 November, 2023

TemTem Tier List – If you want to be the best Temtem tamer, you need to know which characters are the best in each patch currently.

TemTem Tier List – Characters Ranked

TemTem Tier List – S- Tier Characters

We’ll start with the best Temtem characters in the game. We put these Temtems at the top of our rankings simply because they are powerful and amazing.

They’re great at supporting any team, and they don’t really need to build a team around them to make them work.

Number Temtem Character Type
#024 Taifu Nature
#137 Kinu Nature + Mental
#155 Venmet Neutral + Melee
#157 Chimurian Nature + Crystal

A -Tier Characters

Tier A consists of very good Temtem characters that are flexible enough to provide a great core for any team.

They’re also as powerful as the S-Class, but a little behind when it comes to overall efficiency.

Number Temtem Character Type
#083 Golzy Electric + Melee
#054 Gyalis Crystal + Melee
#149 Hazrat Toxic + Fire
#065 Hedgine Digital + Fire
#128 Kalabyss Water + Toxic
#001 Mimit Digital
#152 Minothor Mental + Electric
#085 Mushook Toxic + Melee
#141 Pigepic Wind
#031 Rhoulder Neutral + Earth
#094 Seismunch Melee + Earth
#028 Skunch Neutral + Melee
#132 Tulcan Wind + Fire
#154 Venx Neutral
#164 Volgon Electric
#026 Wiplump Water + Wind
#116 Yowlar Neutral

B -Tier Characters

These Temtem units are pretty good, and while they’re not as flexible as the A and S tiers, they can still be part of your team.

They are fairly well-balanced Temtems that provide effective checks and counter-attacks without much extra support to be useful in combat.

Number Temtem Character Type
#004 Chromeon Digital + Melee
#006 Molgu Digital
#009 Platimous Water + Toxic
#011 Loali Nature + Wind
#013 Gharunder Toxic + Electric
#020 Amphatyr Electric + Nature
#022 Mudrid Earth + Crystal
#030 Mouflank Neutral
#034 Nagaise Mental + Water
#036 Nidrasil Nature + Toxic
#043 Aohi Mental + Fire
#046 0b10 Digital + Electric
#050 Valash Neutral + Crystal
#053 Barnshe Mental + Wind
#056 Myx Crystal + Mental
#063 Scaravolt Electric + Fire
#069 Saipat Water + Melee
#077 Shaolant Melee
#089 Ukama Water
#091 Raignet Electric
#096 Gorong Melee
#098 Sanbi Mental
#101 Kauren Earth
#104 Cerneaf Nature
#106 Noxolotl Toxic
#110 Volarend Toxic + Wind
#118 Garyo Water + Earth
#134 Turoc Wind + Earth
#135 Tuwire Wind + Digital
#136 Tutsu Wind + Melee
#144 Vulffy Earth + Nature
#146 Waspeen Digital + Crystal
#153 Maoala Melee + Mental
#156 Vental Neutral + Mental
#160 Monkko Digital + Melee
#163 Tyranak Fire + Nature

C -Tier Characters

As we approach the end of the Temtem tier list, we see less efficient Temtem units, like these C tier characters.

Often these Temtems are more domain specific and only used as part of certain team builds and strategies, but they are not the worst on our list and if you support them enough with stronger Temtems they can still do well done.

Number Temtem Character Type
#003 Zaobian Digital
#004 Chromeon Digital + Fire
#004 Chromeon Digital + Wind
#012 Tateru Neutral
#015 Magmut Melee + Fire
#018 Granpah Wind
#038 Capyre Fire
#041 Zenoreth Crystal
#045 Babawa Nature + Water
#049 Saku Nature + Wind
#052 Owlhe Wind + Melee
#058 Raize Fire
#068 Osukai Earth + Melee
#071 Drakash Earth + Fire
#075 Innki Electric + Crystal
#078 Cycrox Digital + Toxic
#087 Mastione Fire + Water
#095 Zizare Earth
#099 Momo Neutral
#108 Goolder Toxic
#112 Grumper Earth + Electric
#114 Gazuma Electric + Wind
#122 Shuine Crystal + Water
#123 Nessla Water + Electric
#126 Loatle Digital + Mental
#129 Adoroboros Toxic + Mental
#140 Vulcrane Fire + Earth
#148 Mawmense Digital + Nature
#158 Arachnyte Neutral + Digital
#162 Anatan Crystal + Fire

D -Tier Characters

Well, don’t be mad at me if your favorite Temtem is on this list. But right now, in our opinion, these are the weakest units in current meta

They are very specific and require you to build a team around them in order for them to function effectively.

You should probably swap these out for higher-ranked characters on our Temtem tier list.

Number Temtem Character Type
#004 Chromeon Digital
#004 Chromeon Digital + Crystal
#004 Chromeon Digital + Earth
#004 Chromeon Digital + Electric
#004 Chromeon Digital + Mental
#004 Chromeon Digital + Nature
#004 Chromeon Digital + Neutral
#004 Chromeon Digital + Toxic
#004 Chromeon Digital + Water
#061 Piraniant Water
#080 Pocus Mental
#115 Oceara Water
#121 Broccolem Nature + Melee
#124 Valiar Mental
#131 Tukai Wind + Water
#133 Tuvine Wind + Crystal
#142 Akranox Earth + Toxic
#143 Koish Water
#143 Koish Water + Crystal
#143 Koish Water + Digital
#143 Koish Water + Earth
#143 Koish Water + Electric
#143 Koish Water + Fire
#143 Koish Water + Melee
#143 Koish Water + Mental
#143 Koish Water + Nature
#143 Koish Water + Neutral
#143 Koish Water + Toxic
#143 Koish Water + Wind

About TemTem Game

Temtem is an MMORPG in the realm of monster hunters, similar to Pokemon and other types of games. It was developed by Crema and published by the amazing team at Humble Games.

The game features a single-player campaign mode, as well as multiplayer combat, trading, and cooperative gameplay.

The story follows you as you battle evil forces led by the evil Belsoto family.

To defeat them, you must train your Temtem and develop them into powerful warriors.

In addition to battling PVE enemies, you can also engage in multiplayer battles against other players from around the world against their own Temtem team!


Using our Temtem tier list, you can focus on building a strong team with the best Temtem in the game. This way you’re sure to win more battles, be it against PvE monsters or other players in PvP battles.

But before showing you our list of Temtem ranking, I would like to briefly explain what each tier means so you can better understand our list.

Understanding The TemTem Tier List

Tier S – The strongest Temtem in the game and the best of their characters. Prioritize these over anything else on the team.

Tier A – A great Temtem that can do wonders for any team and battle, it’s not as strong as the S-Class, but it’s still very reliable.

Tier B – These Temtems aren’t the most powerful in the game, but they’re well-balanced and still make for a great core for your team, and also allow for effective checks and counter-attacks.

Tier C – While these Temtems aren’t that bad, they’re still not as flexible and require more strategy and support to make them viable.

Tier D – As the weakest Temtem in the game, these characters are very niche and usually require a lot of support and commitment from you, which means you’ll need to build a team around them if you want them to be relatively decent.

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