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Touhou lost world tier list

Last Updated on 31 October, 2023

Touhou Lost World Tier List – If you’re on this page, you’re probably looking for updated Touhou Lost World Tier List, and guess what? That’s exactly what you’ll find below.

Touhou Lost World Tier List – Best Characters in the Current Meta

 Tier S+ Characters

  • Flandre
  • Junko
  • Reimu
  • Reisen
  • Remilia
  • Sagume
  • Toyohime

Tier S Characters

  • Alice
  • Aunn
  • Aya
  • Byakuren
  • Eirin
  • Hecatia
  • Iku
  • Kaguya
  • Kanako
  • Keiki
  • Marisa
  • Mayumi
  • Meiling
  • Misumaru
  • Nazrin
  • Nue
  • Reimu
  • Reisen
  • Sagume
  • Saki
  • Sakuya
  • Sanae
  • Shinmyoumaru
  • Shion
  • Suika
  • Tenshi
  • Yachie
  • Yamame
  • Yorihime
  • Youmu
  • Yukari
  • Yuuka
  • Yuyuko

Tier A Characters

  • Cirno
  • Doremy
  • Eiki
  • Futo
  • Kaguya
  • Kasen
  • Keine
  • Koakuma
  • Medicine
  • Merlin
  • Miko
  • Minoriko
  • Murasa
  • Mystia
  • Okina
  • Remilia
  • Rin
  • Seija
  • Sekibanki
  • Shou
  • Takane
  • Tewi
  • Toyohime
  • Utsuho
  • Yorihime
  • Youmu
  • Yukari

Tier B Characters

  • Aya
  • Chen
  • Eirin
  • Koishi
  • Kokoro
  • Kutaka
  • Mai
  • Mamizou
  • Marisa
  • Mokou
  • Ran
  • Rumia
  • Satono
  • Seiga
  • Suwako
  • Yuugi
  • Yuyuko

Tier C Characters

  • Akyuu
  • Alice
  • Cirno
  • Clownpiece
  • Flandre
  • Hina
  • Joon
  • Kosuzu
  • Letty
  • Luna Child
  • Lunasa
  • Lyrica
  • Nemuno
  • Patchouli
  • Reisen
  • Ringo
  • Satori
  • Shizuha

Tier D Characters

  • Benben
  • Byakuren
  • Daiyousei
  • Hatate
  • Junko
  • Kanako
  • Kogasa
  • Komachi
  • Lily White
  • Momiji
  • Nitori
  • Reisen
  • Sakuya
  • Sanae
  • Seiran
  • Star Sapphire
  • Sunny Milk
  • Yatsuhashi
  • Yoshika

That’s it, you can see that the best characters in Touhou Lost World may not surprise seasoned players, but at the moment we also think that S+ and S-tier characters are the best executions of the game.

Of course, the global version of Touhou Lost World is still behind the Japanese version, so we believe this ranking will change dramatically with the introduction of the upcoming patch and the addition of new characters.

Don’t worry though, you can just bookmark this page and keep an eye out as we’ll update it with the latest game meta whenever possible.

About Touhou Lost World

Touhou Lost Word is a free anime RPG developed by NextNinja and published by Good Smile Company.

The mobile game Touhou Aphasia was first released in Japan on April 30, 2020, and a year later, on May 11, 2021, the global version of the game was released. The Chinese version of the game will be released on September 30, 2021.

The game is a side-scrolling fantasy RPG that takes place in a world called Gensokyo. It’s a place filled with interesting characters, ranging from gods to vampires to youkai, all with their own look and story.

As a gacha hero-collector game, similar to NieR Reincarnation and Counterside, you’ll have to team up with the best characters you can get to rid the world of dark and evil forces.

The combat in Touhou Lost Word is fast-paced and although it is a JRPG it is not at all slow and boring, in fact, it resembles bullet hell games.


Because there are over 100 characters in Touhou Lost Word, it can be hard to choose the best members for your team. This is because many people struggle to even understand which characters to use.

Thanks to the ever-growing Touhou Lost Word character tier list, you don’t have to worry about any perceived worry. We’ve evaluated every character in the game based on their base stats, abilities and firepower. This is why we ranked them by their ranking in our Touhou Lost Word tier list.

I have detailed explanations for the tiers below, and I plan to share them with you soon. However, let’s first take a look at some general information about the list’s ranks before we move on.

Meaning of each Tier in Touhou Lost World

The Tier S+ characters from Touhou Lost Word are the most powerful and can deal massive damage to any enemy. They can also defend their allies and provide aid. They are capable of defeating any challenge that is given to them.

S-Tier Touhou Lost World (Solid Characters) – They are not S+ tiers, but the characters are still pretty solid. They may not be perfect, but they’re excellent in combat — especially when used correctly.

A-Tier Touhou Lost World (The Great) – Tier-A characters are solid and reliable allies. They have strong offensive and defensive abilities, and their abilities allow them to help other party members. They may require more attention and resources than S or S+ heroes, but they won’t let you down.

Tier B Touhou Lost Word (Good Characters) – Here are some good but average characters that can add a lot to your team. These characters aren’t going to carry you like the higher tier characters, but they still have great skills and good equipment. These characters should not be ignored.

Tier C Touhou Lost World (below average) – We rank these characters below average in our Touhou Lost World list. Why? Well, because they are not as useful or powerful as other units. They lack skill and offensive/defensive abilities, but they’re still useful if you don’t have anyone else to play with.

Tier D Touhou Lost Word (Weak Characters) – We believe these are the weakest characters in the game for this meta. They are either outdated or offer nothing of value to warrant a spot on your team roster. So our suggestion is that you avoid playing with these units if you want to go far in Touhou Lost Word.

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