Beasts of Bermuda Cheats & Console Commands

Beasts of Bermuda Cheats & Console Commands

Last Updated on 21 February, 2023

Beasts of Bermuda Cheats & Console Commands – Player Commands, Talent Commands, Weather Commands, Spawn Commands and Special Commands

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Beasts of Bermuda Cheats & Console Commands – Player Commands

These are all the player Console Commands:

  • SetAbilityPoolIncrease: Raise or Lower Ability consumed per usage.
  • SetBackwardsSpeedIncrease: Increases movement speed for Dino’s that walk backwards.
  • SetBeachedComfortImprovement: Improves Comfort Loss for Aquatics.
  • SetBeachedMobility: Allows Aquatics to move faster on land.
  • SetBreathBarIncrease: Allows Non Aquatics to stay underwater longer.
  • SetComfortNeutralPointIncrease: Raising Comfort to not be affected by status effects that would lower it.
  • SetDamageIncrease: Increases Damage
  • SetDepthResistance: Going deeper in the ocean without the negative effect of being too deep.
  • SetDiet: A developer exclusive command to alter what the dino eats.
  • SetDirt: Developer exclusive command for the amount of dirt their Ory’s carrying
  • SetDirtCarry: Alter how much dirt an Ory’s carrying
  • SetDiveDamageIncrease: Dive Damage Increase
  • SetDrownDamage: A Developer command that affects how much damage is recieved
  • SetElusiveness: Sets Elusiveness

Beasts of Bermuda Cheats & Console Commands – Talent Commands

These are all the talent Console Commands:

  • SetAcroRoarAbility; Sets Acro Roar Ability
  • SetBabySnatcher; Sets Baby Snatcher
  • SetBurrowMaster; Sets Burrow Master
  • SetEggThief; Sets Egg Thief
  • SetFasterStomp; Sets Faster Stomp
  • SetGoodParent; Sets Good Parent
  • SetImprovedDart; Sets Improved Dart
  • SetMegaloAbility; Sets Megalo Abilty
  • SetPachyCharge; Sets Parchy Charge
  • SetParaAbility; Sets Para Abilty
  • SetPlayerTalent; Sets Player Talent
  • SetScavenger; Sets Scavenger
  • SetSharpTeeth; Sets Sharp Teeth
  • SetSonarAbility; Sets Sonar Ability
  • SetStaminaBite; Sets Stamina Bite
  • SetStompSplash; Sets Stomp Splash
  • SetStrongBond; Sets Strong Bond
  • SetSwiftClaws; Sets Swift Claws
  • SetTalent; Sets Talent
  • SetThickHide; Sets Trick Hide
  • SetTurnWhileStomping; Sets Turn While Stomping
  • SetVigilance; Sets Vigilance
  • SetWingBeatEfficiency; Sets Wing Beat Efficiency
  • SetWingBeatImprovemen; Sets Wing Improvement

Special Commands

These are all the special Console Commands:

  • Announce FmtMessage[FString]: Message for all
  • EnterSpectate or LeaveSpectate: Spectator Mode on/off
  • UseIncognito: Incognito Mode
  • Teleport Commands:
    • TeleportAt X[float] Y[float] Z[float]
    • TeleportToP PlayerName[FString]
    • TeleportToMe Playername[FString]
  • DisplayCoords: To Display current Coordinates
  • Stat FPS: Display FPS
  • PossessEntity Species: To posses free entities
  • DestroyEntity: To destroy free entities
  • Respawn: You will respawn
  • EnableRagdoll: Enables physics on the player’s creature.
  • SpawnEntity Species: To Spawn creatures
  • FillAllStats: Max all stats
  • SetPlayerStats [Health Stamina Ability Water Food Comfort]: Set the stat of your choice
  • Debug Data commands:
    • ReqCharacterData
    • ReqControllerData

Beasts of Bermuda Cheats & Console Commands – Weather Commands

These are all the weather Console Commands:

  • SetWeather [Fog Rain Cumulus SkyGreyness WindIntensity WindDirectionX WindDirectionY Lightning Surge]
  • ForceStorm: Forces a storm
  • PauseWeather Boolean: Pauses current weather
  • ToggleWeatherData Boolean
  • Lightning: to call a lightning
  • SpawnTornado Intensity[float]: call a tornado
  • MoveTornado: to the center of the screen
  • KillTornado: Kill all tornados

Beasts of Bermuda Cheats & Console Commands – Spawn Commands

These are all the spawn Console Commands:

  • SpawnEntity en[Fname] Size[float]
  • Summon ClassName[FString]
  • ResetAllFish
  • DestroyAllCarcasses

Other Console Commands

These are the rest of the Console Commands:

  • AnnoyingDinosaur NameOrID[FString]
  • WipePlayerData[int64]
  • Exit
  • Respawn NameOrID[Fstring]
  • ResetTalentModifiers (Warning it get errors)
  • ResetCharacterStates
  • RemoveFoliageInstance ComponentName[FString] Index[int32]
  • TakeServerLog LengthSeconds[float]
  • ToggleWeatherData IsShowingData[bool]
  • ToggleSpeaking binSpeaking[bool]
  • ImpactFromFall ImpactVelocity[FVector] ImpactVelocity[FVector] ImpactVelocity[FVector]
  • OnlyLoadLevel PackageName[FName]
  • Open <MapName>
  • open (opens connection to localhost)
  • PossessEntity DinoSpecies[FName]
  • PrintFish Startindex[int32] StopIndex[int32]
  • SwitchLevel URL[FString]
  • Stuck
  • ShowHud
  • ShowTitleSafeArea
  • Shot
  • make a screenshot
  • SetWorldOrigin
  • SetWeatherResistanceIncrease [float]
  • SendToConsole Command[FString]
  • ServerConsoleCommand Command[FString]
  • DisplayHeredity
  • DisplayFriendships
  • DisplayEggs
  • DisplayCoords
  • DisplayClear
  • DisplayAllRotation <ClassName>
  • DisplayAllLocation <ClassName>
  • DisplayAll <ClassName> <PropertyName>
  • DisableAllScreenMessages
  • DestroyTarget
  • DestroyServerStatReplicator
  • DestroyPawns aClass[TSubclassOf<APawn>]
  • DestroyEntity
  • DestroyAllPawnsExceptTarget
  • DestroyAll aClass[TSubclassOf<AActor>]
  • DeleteBrood
  • DamageTarget DamageAmount[float]
  • ForceGrowthStart
  • ForceServerFlush
  • ForceServerLoad
  • ForceServerSave
  • FOV NewFOV[float]
  • GoodDinosaur NameOrId[FString]
  • GiveEgg MotherID[int32] FatherID[int32] Completion[float]
  • GetWaterDarknessTransform ReturnValue[FTransform] ReturnValue[FTransform]
  • GetTalentMod Talent[ETalentEnum] ReturnValue[float]
  • GetMyImmersionDepth DefaultValue[float] ReturnValue[float]
  • GetJumpHeightModifier ReturnValue[float]
  • HighResShot
  • Camera NewMode[FName]
  • CaptureMode
  • ClearAllBones
  • ClearBlockedDinos
  • MakeBrood BabyCount[FString] Male[Fstring] Female[Fstring]
  • MatePlayers MaleID[int32] Female[int32]

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