Victoria 3 Cheats & Console Commands

Victoria 3 Cheats & Console Commands

Last Updated on 21 February, 2023

Victoria 3 Cheats & Console Commands – All the cheats and console commands explained, also the fast cheat mode commands, and how to enable the console

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Victoria 3 Cheats & Console Commands

These are all the cheats and console commands:

  • add_approval (interest group) (amount) = Add an approval rating for a certain interest group.
  • add_clout (interest group) (amount) = Add a clout rating for a certain interest group.
  • add_loyalists (culture) (amount) = Add a loyalist population to your country.
  • add_radicals (culture) (amount) = Add a radical population to your country.
  • add_relations (country) (amount) = Add relations with a certain country.
  • add_war_support (country) (amount) = Add war support with a certain country.
  • annex (country tag) = This command annexes a chosen country.
  • change_law (law) (country) = Change the law in a chosen country.
  • changestatepop (state’s id)(population type) = Change the population size of a state.
  • disable_ai = Disable the artificial intelligence in the game.
  • enable_ai = Enable artificial intelligence in the game.
  • help = Check out a list of commands.
  • Ingore_gorvernment_support = Use this command to ignore government support.
  • Kill_character (name) = Kill a character.
  • money (amount) = Use this command to add money to your treasury.
  • norevolution = Disable revolutions.
  • nosecession = Disable secessions.
  • Observe = Switch to Observer Mode.
  • own (province or state region tag) (country) = Own a province or state of your choice.
  • popstat = Check the active population.
  • portrait editor = Use the in-game portrait editor.
  • province borders (true or false) = Enable or disable province borders.
  • research (technology key) = Give a specified technology to a country.
  • screenshot = Take an in-game screenshot.
  • set_devastation_level (state) (amount) = Set the devastation level of a region.
  • set_pollution_level state region (amount) = Set the pollution level of a region.
  • Settings = Use this command to access in-game Settings.
  • skip_migration = Skip migration with this command.
  • switchlanguage (language) = Change the in-game language.
  • tag (country) = This command allows players to play as the country of their choice.
  • test event (event’s name) (x) (y) (state) = This command spawns an entity at the provided coordinates.
  • testobjective (subgoal key) = This command tests objectives.
  • treatyport (state) = Unlock a treaty port in a selected state.
  • Version = Check out the game’s version.
  • wagerate (building) (rate) = Change a building’s wage.
  • yesmen = This command makes AI agree to all proposals.

Fast Cheat Mode Console Commands

These are all the Fast Cheat Mode Console Commands:

  • fastenact = Enable the fast enact mode.
  • fasthire = Enable the fast hire mode.
  • fastinstitutions = Enable the fast institutions mode.
  • fastinterests = Enable the fast interests mode.
  • fastmoblize = Enable the fast mobilization mode.
  • fastravels = Enable the fast travel mode.
  • fastrevoultion = Enable the fast revolution mode.
  • fastsearch = Enable the fast search mode.

How to Enable Console?

These are the steps to enable the console of commands:

  1. Go to the Steam Library and right click on Victoria 3
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Go to the General Tab
  4. Choose Launch Options and paste -debug_mode

After enabling the console you can start using console commands in your games

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