Blue Locked League Codes – Roblox December 2023

Blue Locked League Codes

Last Updated on 4 December, 2023

All the valid Blue Locked League Codes in one updated list – Blue Locked League Roblox Game – Redeem these codes for in-game talent spins, height spins, aura spins and more

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Blue Locked League Codes – Full List

Valid Codes

Redeem these codes for in-game talent spins, height spins, aura spins and more

These are the valid codes, 

  • /code UBERS – Code reward: Some gifts (NEW)
  • /code METROBOOMIN – Code reward: Some gifts (NEW)
  • /code COMP – Code reward: Some gifts (NEW)
  • /code GROWTHSPURT – Code reward: Height
  • /code FLOWSTATE – Code reward: Aura
  • /code BALDY – Code reward: Hair
  • /code THUGSHAKE – Code reward: 3 Flow Spins
  • /code RUNITBACK – Code reward: 1 Archetype Reset (1º redeem, 2º select the archetype)
  • /code MICHAELKAISER – Code reward: 3 Talent Spins
  • /code SKILLISSUE – Code reward: 3 Flow Spins
  • /code CHRISPRINCE – Code reward: 1 Archetype Reset
  • /code JULIANLOKI – Code reward: 3 Talent Spins
  • /code EGOIST – Code reward: 3 Talent Spins
  • /code LOCKOFF – Code reward: 5 Height Spins
  • /code CHEMICALREACTION – Code reward: 5 Aura Spins

We will keep this codes list updated, stay tuned

Blue Locked League social media channels:

  • Twitter: @MarkoSumisu
  • Discord channel:
  • Youtube:
  • Join Roblox Group:!/about

Blue Locked League Expired Codes

These codes don’t work anymore:

FAQ – How to Redeem Blue Locked League Codes?

These are the steps to redeem codes:

  1. Launch Roblox Blue Locked League on your PC or mobile device
  2. Open the chat window (“/” key)
  3. Copy a code from our list
  4. Paste it into the chat to get your reward

See how the youtuber Gaming Dan Redeems these codes in this video:

How to play Blue Locked League? Roblox Game by Blue Locked League

Make a strong entrance into the BLUELOCK universe and develop your personality to become one of the best. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to eat those around you.

To become an expert player in this game, you must overcome a moderate level of difficulty. But, with regular practice, one can discover that the ideas are quite simple to grasp and that doing exactly what they imagine in their mind is simple. Good fortune.

TEAM SET: To use the teamset function, type!team TEAMNAMEHERE and press Enter to join the team. Say!leave to depart from it. Think of “team Rockets.” The emblem will be shown above the heads of all team members. To leave, say!leave.

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