Dark And Darker Tier List – Best Classes Ranked

dark and darker tier list

Last Updated on 28 December, 2022

Dark And Darker Tier List – Best Classes Ranked from Best To Worst (Tier S to Tier B)

An action fantasy dungeon crawler RPG is called Dark and Darker. But at its core, it is a hard-core first-person shooter that lets you team up with pals and engage in both PvE and PvP warfare. The six classes available in Dark and Darker right now offer the typical fantasy blend of ranged and melee combat specialties. It’s recommended to choose the class that most closely matches your preferred playing style because all of the different classes have their time to shine depending on the game’s situations. Check out our tier list below if you’re seeking for the top classes in Dark and Darker.

Dark And Darker Tier List

S-Tier Classes – The best

Cleric: Being the game’s main healer class (who doesn’t want a healer in the party? ), as well as having the ability to deal with the undead, the cleric rises to top-tier rank in Dark and Darker.

Wizard: Devastating damage that can clear rooms of weaker enemies, along with some helpful escape routes provided by spells that increase speed and delay time. You must perfect these skills because you won’t have much left if a melee opponent attacks you.

A-Tier Classes – More Challenging, But Potentially Amazing

Ranger: With traps to try and keep that gap between you and the enemy, the ranger isn’t all that far from the wizard and again relies on range to deal out their damage. However, the damage output isn’t quite as high, and your escape maneuvers aren’t quite as strong.

Rogue: When utilized properly, the Rogue can be devastating, similar to the Barbarian below. They won’t have a good chance if they go up against an opponent. But if you strategically plan your attacks and use surprise to your advantage, you’ll be climbing the most kills leaderboards in no time.

Barbarian: The barbarian’s gameplay isn’t as complex as you might expect. When you get near and personal, not much will be able to withstand your low armor and high damage. If you play this well in a good squad, especially in PvP, it is devastating. but requires support.

B-Tier Classes – A Bit Limited

Fighter: Strong armor and fast speed should keep you alive while you learn how to combo your strikes, making this a good class for beginners. However, the class’s “master of none” attitude will leave you behind the curve when things get challenging.

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