Demon’s Crest Cheat Codes

Demon's Crest Cheat Codes

Last Updated on 25 August, 2022

Demon’s Crest Cheat Codes – Passwords (levels, modes, forms, items…) Endings requirements, and also the five vials cheat

Demon’s Crest Cheat Codes – Passwords

These are the passwords to unlock levels, items, forms, game modes and everything

  • Unlock level 2: GDBF YLFV HZJS ZHCS
  • Unlock level 3: HDDM NTKB HQLF XKLD
  • Unlock level 5: DKHH UMHH UMBH CSWN
  • Unlock level 6: YZHF MMXK VJDR GMWQ
  • Unlock all items, fight Phalanx in final form, and fight Dark Demon.: TDGM JRMB DBWB ZWSB
  • Boss rush mode: RBNL XHGB VGBB LYLD
  • Start with Dragon defeated, first crest, and first urn.: VHW FBBR VKZS TVTS
  • Play as Ultimate Gargoyle: FDQP QRMB FGNH GTKL
  • Unlock everything: QFFF KNRR DDLR XGTQ

But there are not only passwords in Demon’s Crest. Also check the Endings requirements and the Five Vials Cheat

Demon’s Crest Cheat Codes – Endings

There are four possible endings, meet these requirements to unlock them all

  • Chaotic Demon Realm (Bad): Beat Phalanx after beating Arma twice and getting the Ground and Air Crests.
  • The Demon’s Seal (Normal): Beat Phalanx after getting the Time Crest but before collecting all Talismans.
  • Phalanx Defeated! (Good): Beat Phalanx after getting Time Crest and all Talismans.
  • Firebrand’s Realization (Best): Defeat the Dark Demon using the Ultimate Gargoyle.

You can unlock the four endings in different gameplays

Five Vials

Hold A for a couple of seconds at the title screen and then press start, you will start a new game, but with all five vials.

It is more an easter egg than a cheat, but it is really useful to start the game with all five vials

Do you know any other cheat? Please leave us a comment so we can add it

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