Galactic Civilizations 3 Cheats – Console Commands

Galactic Civilizations 3 Cheats

Last Updated on 15 September, 2023

Galactic Civilizations 3 Cheats – Console Commands – Enable the console and use all the available cheats & Console commands

Galactic Civilizations 3 Cheats – Enable Console

To enable the console

  • Right click on the game in your library
  • Click Properties
  • Click Set launch properties…
  • In the input window type cheat

Or if you want a desktop shortcut:

  • Right click on the game in your library
  • Click Properties
  • Go to Local files tab
  • Click Browse local files
  • Right click on the GalCiv.exe file > Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)
  • Right click on the newly created shortcut -> Properties
  • Replace the whole Target input with, for example: “C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\Steam.exe” -applaunch 226860 -cheat

Open Console

Now that you have enabled the console, to open it launch the game and press “~” (the key to the left of “1” on your keyboard)

Galactic Civilizations 3 Cheats – Console Commands

  • Get credits: modcredits [amount] – modcredits 10000
  • Get population: modpop [amount] – modpop 10000
  • All the Stat names: liststat
  • Get Culture Points: modcult [amount] – modcult 100
  • Get Stat Value: modstat [statname] [amount] – modstat 100
  • Colonize planets: colonize [all], or Colonize [the selected planet]
  • Create Trade Resource: createtraderesource [internal name] [tilex] [tiley]
  • Complete production on items in the queue: finish
  • Force Event: event [ Event name]
  • Unlock Tech: unlock [Tech name]
  • Unlock all Tech: fastunlock
  • Destroy Object: destroy [object ID]
  • Fog of War: fow
  • All objetcts visible: fowtrans
  • x1000 of all Resources: resources
  • Kill a player: killplayer [player index]
  • Set siplomacy state between two players: dipstate [state] [player index1] [player index2]
  • Add Mod: addmod [module name]
  • control every player’s empire: god
  • Display FPS: fps
  • Hide UI: hideui
  • Set Government: setgov [government name]
  • Control Local Player: localplayer [player index]
  • Memory usage info: showmem
  • Console log contents: savelog [file name]
  • Thumbnails for ship components: gencompthumbs
  • thumbnails for all object gfx configs: genconfigthumbs [large]
  • Generates lean maps: genleanmaps
  • List of all commands: help
  • Clear console log: clearlog
  • Lighting options: lighting
  • unlimited range: range
  • other player rally points: showRallyPoints
  • influence lines: smoothinfluencelines
  • Primes the United Planets: upprime
  • United Planets meeting: upmeeting (once you close the debug console)
  • Spawn Ships: spawn [ship design name] [owner player index]
  • Battle Ships (Spawn): battle [ship design name] [owner player index 1] [owner player index 1]
  • Spawn Faction: spawnfaction [faction name]
  • assassination: assassination (between player and faction with closest relation not on same team)
  • Spawn artifact: spawnartifact (awards it to the weakest player).
  • random new anomaly: spawnanoamly [number of anomalies] [name of the anomaly]
  • Dead planets are usable: convertdeadplanet [planet class] [number of planets]
  • Dead planets to Thulium: convertdeadplanettothulium [number of planets]
  • Asteroids to Durantium: convertasteroidstodurantium [number of asteroids]
  • Gas Giants to Promethion: convertgasgianttopromethion [number of gas giants]
  • Spawn Elerium resource: spawnelerium [number of resources]
  • Relic resource (Spawn) : spawnrelic [number of resources]
  • Spawn Antimatter resource: spawnantimatte [number of resources]
  • Grant Tech to all: grantrandomtechtoall
  • Cheat hot keys: hotkeys
  • Run text file: run [text file name]
  • Target info: info
  • Win the game: wingame
  • Lose the game: losegame
  • Unlock all mercenaries: allmercs [next]
  • Re purchase mercenaries: resetmercs

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