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Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats console commands pc

Last Updated on 16 August, 2022

Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats & Console Commands & Console Commands – DAI God Mode, infinite money & xp, bowling shield, improve attributes…

Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats & Console Commands – DAI Enable Console

Cheats are off by default, so first enable the console:

  1. Go to the game’s folder, the path should be something like C:>Program Files (x86)​​>Origin Games>Dragon Age Inquisition​>.
  2. Find the .exe (DragonAgeInquisition.exe), right click and click on properties
  3. Add -enabledeveloperconsole to the end of the Target field
  4. Make sure that now the path to the file is: C:>Program Files (x86)​​>Origin Games>Dragon Age Inquisition​>DragonAgeInquisition.exe -enabledeveloperconsole
  5. Done, the console is enabled in your PC

Now that you have enabled the console, to open it launch the game – DAI –  and press “~” (the key to the left of “1” on your keyboard)

Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats & Console Commands – DAI Console Commands

Full List of PC console commands – DAI:

  • God Mode: runscript pc_immortal
  • Shield: runscript bowlingforferelden, a shield that knocks back enemies (like bowling)
  • Attribute buff: Xrunscript dbg_setattrib X Y, x is the attribute and y the amount
  • Health, Mana, Dexterity & Strength: runscript zz_supercrit player, it gives you 1k health, 1k mana, 50 Dexterity, and also 50 Strength.
  • Get Money: runscript addmoney X, x is the amount of Money you want
  • Get XP: runscript addxp X, x is the amount of XP you want
  • Mage Level 2: runscript chargen mage, changes player to a mage level 2
  • Rogue Level 2: runscript chargen rogue, changes player to a rogue level 2
  • Warrior Level 2: runscript chargen warrior, changes player to a warrior level 2
  • Heal Party: runscript healplayer
  • Remove party injuries: runscript injury remparty
  • Kill Nearby enemies: runscript killallhostiles

Do you know any other PC console command? Please leave us a comment so we can add it to the list

Infinite Money & XP DAI

You can use the cheats runscript addxp X & runscript addmoney X as many times as you want, So you never have to worry about money or xp again in DAI

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  1. runscript commands do NOT work in inquisition. all commands with “runscript” in front of them can only be accomplished via mods.

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