Destiny 2 Dead Ghost Locations

Destiny 2 Dead Ghost Locations

Last Updated on 14 August, 2022

Destiny 2 Dead Ghost Locations – A guide to find the 9 dead ghosts after completing the main Shadowkeep campaign

You can only see these Dead Ghosts after completing the main Shadowkeep campaign. After that you need a “Lost Ghost Trace” to drop from any activity on the Moon, You then purchase them from Eris and they appear at their location

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Destiny 2 Dead Ghost Locations – Video guide with Timestamps

Check this video guide by Esoterickk with locations and timestamps:

  • 00:00 – Echo of the Great Disaster (Archer’s Line Dead Ghost)
  • 00:53 – First Crota Team’s Fallen (The World’s Grave Dead Ghost)
  • 03:01 – Adonna’s Quest (Shrine of Oryx Dead Ghost)
  • 05:15 – The Greatest Sacrifice (The Gatehouse Dead Ghost)
  • 06:51 – A True Believer (The Summoning Pits Dead Ghost)
  • 09:30 – Dark Dreams (Lunar Battlegrounds Dead Ghost)
  • 10:53 – A Futile Search (Anchor of Light Dead Ghost)
  • 11:43 – Together Forever (Circle of Bones Dead Ghost)
  • 13:41 – Misplaced Trust (Hellmouth Dead Ghost)

Destiny 2 Dead Ghost Locations – Guides

Echo of the Great Disaster Archer’s Line Dead Ghost Location guide

Just southwest of the structure at the far north end of the area, you’ll find a fissure in the ground

First Crota Team’s Fallen The World’s Grave Dead Ghost Location guide

Temple of Crota (eastern side of the Anchor of Light) > reach a circular room with an altar in the middle, turn right > Upstairs, turn left, and look to your left

Adonna’s Quest Shrine of Oryx Dead Ghost Location guide

Shrine of Oryx (northeast of Archer’s Line and going through the Hall of Wisdom) > Letf (at chandelier room) > straight (through the glowing tunnel) > reach the satellite-like structure

The Greatest Sacrifice The Gatehouse Dead Ghost Location guide

Far north end of the Hellmouth > enter the structure < reach the elevated plattforms > turn right > reach the circular room > turn right and go downstairs

A True Believer The Summoning Pits Dead Ghost Location guide

Return to the circular room of the last ghost > now head straight across > reach the circle of bones > turn left at the large room > rech the summoning pits area > upper platform on the right

Dark Dreams Lunar Battlegrounds Dead Ghost Location guide

Take the southeast exit from Sorrow’s Harbor to return to Lunar Battlegrounds (where you made your landing on the Moon) > reach the geodesic domes

A Futile Search Anchor of Light Dead Ghost Location guide

Enter the large cylindrical structure and head down

Together Forever Circle of Bones Dead Ghost Location guide

Reach the circle of bones (same as in A True believer) > reach the middle of the large open room

Misplaced Trust Hellmouth Dead Ghost Location guide

Jump down to the lowest level and turn around

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