How to get the Ace of Spades Destiny 2?

How to get the Ace of Spades Destiny 2

Last Updated on 12 November, 2022

How to get the Ace of Spades Destiny 2? One of the best exotic hand cannons for Crucible, Gambit, PvE, and any game mode

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How to get the Ace of Spades Destiny 2 – Updated 2021

These are the steps to unlock the Ace of Spades:

  1. Go to the Tower > Courtyard
  2. Find the Exotic archive (between Lord Shaxx and Banshee 44) and open it
  3. Open the Forsaken Exotic Archives and find the Ace of Spades there

The downside is that it requires a few materials to buy it

  • x1 Exotic Cypher: Complete Xur Contracts
  • x250k Glimmer: Super easy, just play & farm
  • x200 Etheric Spiral: Purple plants and chest rewards in Tangled Shore
  • x1 Ascendant Shard: Buy it from Banshee, you will need Glimmer, x10 enhancement Prism and also another random planetary material (*)

(*) Planetary material requirements are refreshed every 24 hours, so do not complicate yourself and wait a day or two until you can buy it with one of the materials that the spider sells

As you can see, the method is infinitely easier and faster than before.

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Old Method – Forsaken campaign

This method no longer works, which is appreciated, because it was very long. So you don’t have to buy the DLC, or spend money. We leave this method, although obsolete, as part of the guide, but do not follow these steps

  1. Complete Forsaken’s opening mission ‘Last Call’, then visit the Gunsmith in the Tower
  2. Finish the main story
  3. Return to the Gunsmith in the Tower
  4. In Gambit, kill enemies or invaders with a Hand Cannon
  5. Kill 250 enemies in Strikes with a Hand Cannon
  6. Get 25 precision kills in Crucible matches with a Hand Cannon
  7. Open Cayde’s four caches in the Tangled Shore, EDZ, Io and Nessus
  8. Complete the mission ‘Ace in the Hole’ on Titan
  9. Visit the Gunsmith one last time

How to get the Ace of Spades Destiny 2? –  Review

One of the best exotic hand cannons for Crucible, Gambit and PvE

Intrinsic traits > Memento Mori: Reloading after a kill loads magazine with a few extra damage bullets. Also grants radar while aiming down sights

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