Drek’Ar Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

drek'ar best builds in omega strikers

Last Updated on 28 September, 2022

Drek’Ar Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Choose the best build for the Drek’Ar character with its most powerful abilities and equipment!

There are many different characters to select from in the Omega Strikers roster. Each character has a different appearance and play style, but Drek’Ar is a particularly cool one. In the following article, we’ll discuss which builds we think work best for him.

Drek’Ar Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Trainings and Perks

Three trainings can be equipped at a time, and they’re considered passive perks. They provide alterations to characters’ abilities and playing styles, so choosing the right trainings is crucial for maximizing efficiency. For Drek’Ar in Omega Strikers, we recommend the following trainings.

Drek’Ar Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Forward Build

Drek’Ar excels as an offensive lineman due to the aggressive nature of his kit and his focus on harassing the opposing team. He can stagger more with Heavy Handed, especially with Lock and Load at close range. Rapid Fire reduces the cooldown of this ability, allowing you to hit enemies more often. Finally, Cast to Last increases the cloak length of the Alien Cloak and the damage over time of Molten Bolt.

Heavy Handed

  • Increase the difficulty by 8%. Increased to 16% on critical hits.

Rapid Fire

  • Primary skill cooldowns reduced by 12%. Maximum level increased to 25%.

Cast To Last

  • Cast and received skill buffs and haste durations are increased by 75%. Skill Debuffs you apply last 75% longer.

Drek’Ar Best Builds in Omega Strikers – Goalkeeper Build

Although Drek’Ar’s kit isn’t well suited for playing as a goalie, it can be made to work if necessary. By using Built Differently, Drek’Ar’s size is increased and he can cover more of the goal. By using Extra Special, you can reduce Molten Bolt’s cooldown time. This allows you to fire the ability more often. Additionally, using Tempo Swing buffs the damage dealt by each of your attacks.

Extra Special

  • Starting a new round reduces the cooldown of this ability by 15%. This ability has a reduced cooldown of 15% due to a special ability.

Tempo Swing

  • Light, medium, and heavy hits deal 2%, 3%, 4% of your maximum staggered damage and heal for 150%.

Built Differently

  • Increases size by 35% and hit difficulty by 5%.

Drek’Ar’s play mode in Omega Strikers

Drek’Ar is best used for offense. We recommend choosing a different character if you prefer to play defensively. With that said, you can harass opponents with Drek’Ar or sneak goals in with his Xeno Cloak ability. Additionally, you can use Xeno Cloak to terrorize opposing players.

Drek’Ar’s Xeno Cloak gives him a speed boost and the ability to become invisible. This ability is ideal for hunting opponents, chasing after the core or getting sneaky kills near the edge of the map. Additionally, targeting already damaged players or those near the edge of the map makes for an easy knockout with Xeno Cloak and Lock and Load.

Drek’Ar’s special attack, Molten Bomb, deals a significant amount of damage. It also applies a debuff to the targeted enemy that continues to deal damage and slows their movement speed. Because of this, Molten Bomb is excellent for removing an opponent from the game temporarily, chasing down fleeing targets or harassing other players. Drek’Ar takes some preparation and dedication to use effectively, but he’s one of the best characters for harassing opponents and earning knockouts.

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