Eco Admin Commands

Eco Admin Commands

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Eco Admin Commands – Full list of admin commands and console commands, Spawn, Unlock, Ban, Kick, Teleport, or whatever you want

Eco Admin Commands – Console Commands

  • /allblocks: To Spawn all blocks
  • /allconstructed: To Spawn all player constructable
  • /allplants: To Spawn all plant blocks
  • /allskills: To unlock all the skills
  • /allterrain: To spawn all the diggable blocks
  • /allworldobjects: To spawn all the objects available in the world
  • /atm: To add atmosphere
  • /bhop: To enable bunny hop
  • /buildtechtree: You will have all the world objects in their building, also full of fuel
  • /bunnytime: To spawn 100 hares
  • /chattest: if you want to spam the chat…
  • /clearlaws: To remove all the active laws
  • /day: Locks the server time to noon, but better don’t
  • /destroymeteor: To destroys the meteors
  • /digest: Not sure
  • /dump: Dumps all items from your inventory
  • /dump selected. Dumps selected items
  • /dump carried: Dumps carried items
  • /durability X: Set the item durability to X
  • /eat: To Max your calories
  • /exeptional: To throw an exception
  • /fly: Enables Fly mode
  • /give [itemname] [amount]
  • /giveskillpoints [playernickname] [amount]
  • /level [x] [y] [BlockType]: X & Y = numbers, default blocktype = Grassblock
  • /massinteract: To use the selected tool on surrounding blocks
  • /noah X: To spawm X (number) animals
  • /noskills: Resets all skills to zero
  • /oneshot: To kill nearest animal
  • /ownall: To own all properties
  • /ownnone [playernickname]: That player will lose all properties
  • /passlaws: To pass all pending laws
  • /poorbunnies: To kill all the animals
  • /record: Enables record mode
  • /repopulate: Spawm Population
  • /setpowercost: To reduce power consumption
  • /setreputation [playernickname] [number]
  • /setspawn: Your current location will be the spawn location
  • /shuffle [x][y]: Not sure
  • /skillpoints X: You will get X (number) skillpoints
  • /skillrate X: To set the skill rate multiplier to X (number)
  • /steamsale X: All the players will receive X (number) money
  • /tax X: All the players will pay X (number) taxes
  • /testcontracts: to create a contract board
  • /trample: To Trample the surrounding ground
  • /unclaim: To unclaim the plot where you are
  • /vomit: You will vomit
  • /work X: To spend X (number) calories

Eco Admin Commands – Spawn

Spawn whatever you want using these console commands:

  • /spawnanimal [animalname] [number]: To spawn [number] animals of the species [animal]
  • /spawnbuilding [BuildingType] [XYZ] [Rooftype][WindowsType]: Building type is a number (0 to 5), XYZ are the coordinates,  Rooftype is a number (0 to 2), and Windows type is a number (0 or 1)
  • /spawneconomy: to build an economy
  • /spawnfullstockpile: to spawn a stockpile
  • /spawnlasers: To spawn the end game lasers
  • /spawnmeteor: To spawn a meteor
  • /spawnplant [plantname] [number]: To spawn [number] plants of the species [plant]
  • /spawnspecies [speciesname]
  • /spawntech: To spawn a road and also 4 buildings with crafting stations
  • /spawnvillage [buildingtype] [number]: To spawn a village with [number] of buildings of the type [buildingtype], [buildingtype] is a number from 0 to 5

Eco Admin Commands – Teleport

  • /teleport X Y Z: X Y Z Are the coordinates
  • /teleportplayer [playernickname]: To teleport to a player location
  • /teleporttarget [playernickname] XYZ: To teleport a player to coordinates XYZ
  • /teleporttargetplayer [playernickname] [playername2]: To teleport playername to playername2 location
  • /move [x] [y] [z]: To teleport to coordinates x y z

Ban, Kick, Admins, Players info….

  • /admin [playernickname]: To add a player as an admin
  • /removeadmin [playernickname]: The player of your choice will lose the admin status
  • /ban [playernickname] [reason]: To ban a player with a reason
  • /warn [playernickname] [message]: To send a warning with the [message] of your choice to a player
  • /kick [playernickname] [reason]: To kick a player with a reason
  • /leader [playernickname]: To set a player as the leader
  • /whitelist [playernickname]: to add a player to the whitelist
  • /whois [playernickname]: To see the id of a player

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