Hrot Cheats & Console Commands

Hrot Cheats console commands

Last Updated on 14 December, 2021

Hrot Cheats & Console Commands – God mode, weapons, keys, vehicles, unlockables, Max stats, health, armor, ammo…

Hrot Cheats & Console Commands – How to Open the Console

Like in most of the games, with “~” the key to the left of the “1”, it could be another key depending on your language settings, but is always the key to the left of the “1”.

But you can only enable the console once you are playing a level, so load any level first

Hrot Cheats & Console Commands – Full List

These are all the cheats, cheat codes or console commands, enjoy them:

  • God Mode: gott – Enables God Mode
  • All weapons & full amo: zizka – You will get all the weapons, each of them with full ammo
  • Motorcycle: pionyr – this cheat will give you a motorcycle.
  • The 3 Keys: klice –  You will get the 3 (all) keys.
  • Second Pistol: pistolnik – You will get the 2nd pistol, but not the achievement
  • Max Health & Armor: lecba – You will refill and max your health and armor
  • Unlock minimap: kouba – You will unlock the minimap, but to use it, press M

Achievements & Cheats

You will not be penalized, you unlock all the achievements using cheats

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