Flexible Survival Cheats

Flexible Survival Cheats

Last Updated on 5 September, 2023

Flexible Survival Cheats – All the Navigation Commands, Item Commands, Item & NPC Commands and Other Commands

Flexible Survival Cheats – Navigation Commands

These are all the Navigation Commands & Cheats

  • Navigate (nav) – Nav <location> takes you to a location you have previously visited
  • Scavenge (scav) – Searching for food/water in the nearby city.
  • Explore – Looks around your current location for any other areas of note. This is how you open up new places to visit
  • Hunt – Hunt <location/event/monster> will have to search the immediate area for your intended target

Flexible Survival Cheats – Item Commands

These are all the Item Commands & Cheats

  • Use – Eats edible items and drinks drinkable items. Equips items that are weapons/equipment
  • Eat and Drink – Consume edible/potable items.
  • Get or Take – Attempts to pick up an item.
  • Get All or Take All – Picks up everything you can grab in the room.
  • Inventory (Inv) – Lists all items in your inventory
  • Drop – Puts an item on the ground.
  • Dropall – Drops all items from inventory
  • Junk/Trash – Trashes an item from your inventory (permanent)
  • Junkall/Trashall – Trashes all of one item type from your inventory
  • Microwave – Microwaves an item

Flexible Survival Cheats – Item & NPC Commands

These are all the Item & NPC Commands & Cheats

  • Look – Look at a given person/item/room.
  • Smell – Yes, you can smell stuff
  • Look watch allows to you see how much time remains in the game as well as what time of day it is.
  • Look me will let you look yourself over
  • Talk – Talk to a given NP
  • F**k – F**k <name> will have you offer to have s** with a given NPC (Replace the **)
  • Give – Will give an item to a character, Example: ‘Give food to Rod’

Other Commands & Cheats

These are all the Other Commands & Cheats

  • Help – In-game help.
  • Stats – Lists the stats
  • View status – Prints the information visible in the status bar
  • Iwannacheat – Cheat menu
  • Undo – Undoes all effects of the last command entered
  • save – Saves the game to a save file
  • Restore – Loads a given save file.
  • rest – Rests for one turn
  • Givein – Give in to your infection and allow it to start taking over
  • Play on – Turn off the rescue (unlimited time)
  • End now – Cause the end of the game to occur early
  • Wait off/on – Toggles whether the game will continue to provide text
  • Clear off/on – Toggles whether the game will clear the screen periodically
  • Auto Attack – Allows you to adjust your auto attack preference
  • Shift <infection> – Permanent stat boosts based on infection specified and powerful self-species reassignment.

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