Summers Gone Walkthrough & Guide – Chapter 4

Summers Gone Walkthrough

Last Updated on 5 September, 2023

Summers Gone Walkthrough & Guide – Unlock all the events and scenes available with all the characters, max the stats, and complete all the paths

Summers Gone Walkthrough – Chapter 1

  • Shoot her
  • Joke
  • Say nothing, just stare
  • Apologize
  • Be honest
  • Yes
  • Stare at them
  • Okay
  • Sure (Dark Path = No)
  • Be open for a conversation
  • Joke (Dark Path = I don’t need your help)
  • Okay (Dark Path = I don’t want to)
  • Yes, especially dolphins > I just like them (Dark Path = Brutal Sarcasm)
  • Well, at least the’re hot
  • Can you stop smiling at me?

Summers Gone Walkthrough – Chapter 1

  • SAVE & Choose:
    • Sigh Yes (Best choice to max points)
    • For a favor in the future (Event = Maja Favor)
    • No (Dark Path)
  • (We continue the walkthrough based on “Sigh Yes” Choice)
  • That won’t be hard… You’re pretty hot
  • Sure
  • Let her in the shower > I like Mila
  • Train without Jeff
  • I don’t mind that.
  • I do
  • Idon’t think she is that bad
  • Hug her tight
  • Yes
  • Yes, we are
  • Go on a date with Victoria
  • Sometimes
  • Yes
  • Interfere
  • Want me to beat them up?
  • Give them a subtle smile.
  • Hug her
  • Because I’m going to f**k him up
  • Yes
  • SAVE 2 & Choose
    • Bella path: Meet up with Bella > You could be worse
    • Nami path: Stay at home > You did?
  • Winning (Dark pàth = Crushing enemies)
  • (if you are in Nami path) No
  • (if you are in Bella path) Tell her the story about Summer
  • I trust Mila
  • Then why are you, you?
  • I promise you

Summers Gone Walkthrough – Chapter 3.5

  • Hold her hand
  • Tell her
  • (if you are in Nami path) Your choices
  • (if you are in Bella path) Tell Nami what you and Bella did
  • Go to her room > Join her > I’d like that > stay still
  • Sit next to Sonya
  • Comfort her
  • Ask her out for dinner > Yes, I am
  • Fine with me
  • Objectively, she has a very attractive body.
  • You should give Bella some slack > Please apologize to her
  • You were right… We aren’t so different
  • I would call it a date yes
  • Change with her being present
  • You do look… decent
  • You’ll always play a significant role in my life > I’m srting to like her > .I- I think I am falling for her > Okay… Weirdo
  • Save & Choose
    • Nami path: Invite Nami > I will spot you > Fine
    • Bella path: Invite Bella > Yes > Go say hi to her > stop it
    • Mila Path: Invite Mila > Compliment her butt > Your choice
  • Sure
  • Just Go in > What’s wrong
  • Thank Him
  • (Requires Bella path) I’m starting to like her
  • Tell her about Miss Marla.
  • Can I count on you to have an eye on Nami?
  • I actually like Bella
  • Touch back
  • … You’ll most likely…
  • Yeah we are a good team
  • Big
  • But I do Like
  • They’re smooth
  • Touch
  • Tell her you and Bella kissed
  • How are you doing?
  • I like the new haircut
  • Deal
  • Be encouraging

Chapter 4

  • Give her half of it
  • Kill it yourself
  • No. I’m proud of you
  • Yes, let’s sleep together OR Yeah, I think I do have feelings for her
  • Hold Nami in your arms
  • You look beautiful.
  • Correct her and say you and Bella aren’t dating
  • Carry her
  • Don’t and let Miss Hill drive it > Put your arms up higher and close
  • Yes OR Alright, if I have to
  • Throw the ball at Zara’s head
  • Fine > Do as she says > Comfort her
  • I find her quite impressive

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