Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide

Hypnosis Walkthrough

Last Updated on 10 June, 2022

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Best choices for both paths, all the endings, and also all the SAVE points you need to unlock everything

You need 2 walkthroughs to complete the game and unlock everyhing, Choose the Boyfriend path choices in one walkthrough, and the Fun path choices in the otherone

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 1

  • Tell a Joke (Boyfriend) OR Don’t be a D (Fun)
  • Depending on your previous choice, the next choice could be:
    •  Sure (Boyfriend) OR No. Sounds like drama (Fun)
    •  Apologize (Boyfriend) OR Talk her out of it (Fun)
  • Absolutely (if you like them) OR I mean… (if not)
  • B in the bathroom > Convince > Unzip
  • No, not a good idea. (Boyfriend) OR Join me > Kiss her > The pleasure was all mine (Fun)

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 2

  • Sure, man. Game on.
  • Yes, but that’s not the point
  • (Fun route) That’s exactly what you should say! OR Boyfriend? Don’t say that around Grace! (only if you want this early ENDING, you can save and watch it, but it’s not worth it)

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 3

  • (Fun route) Take out Ashley
  • Truth
  • Tell your Daddy thanks for me (Boyfriend) OR Not tonight It’s my treat. (Fun)

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 4

  • (Fun route) I can’t do that OR Not a problem (only if you want this ENDING, you can save and watch it, but it’s a bad ending)

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 5

  • Decide about the size, your choice
  • (Fun route) Explain
  • (if you have already been with Ashley) Actually… I’m going to go check on the girls.
  • (Fun route, but you have not been with Ashley) Should we check on her? (x3 scene) OR She’ll be fine (1vs1 scene)

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 6

  • Grace OR Laura (not a big difference)
  • She already has.
  • Take off your top! (x2 scene) OR Let me…(Laura scene) OR Watch me (Grace scene)

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 7

  • Head out to the bars
  • Want to try it? > I can’t make it
  • Go to Jenn’s party > Leave for the party > Go to the party anyway
  • Stay with everyone > Watch Friends
  • (Save if you want both) Haley (Haley scene) OR Rachel (Rachel Scene)
  • Admit it > Agree with her
  • Stay with Haley > Pretty obivous
  • Check on Rachel
  • Tell her no
  • Push forward

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 8

  • (SAVE) Stay with Brittany OR Follow Laura > Ask her to make you bigger > Ask her to hypnotize you (Laura first ending, save, watch it, and continue the story choosing the other one)
  • Decide about the size, your choice
  • (SAVE) Only hypnotize Grace (Boyfriend) OR Also hypnotize Laura and control both of them (Fun) (Save point because This choice will play a big part with the multiple endings)

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 9

  • F…no (she thinks you don’t like her) OR B… Over (she thinks you still like her)
  • Daphne: Yes > Kiss her

Hypnosis Walkthrough & Guide – Episode 10

  • Call Grace OR Call Laura (Laura & Grace ending, save, watch it, and continue the story choosing the other one)
  • Avoid Brittany
  • Watch the video
  • Avoid her
  • Say nothing

Episode 11

  • I’m not sure
  • Call Brittany
  • Warm her up
  • C on Both > Laura’s F > Keep C

Episode 12

  • Take the watch
  • Use the watch (Fun path) OR Go for Brittany (Scene)
  • Leah: Yes
  • Beth: Obey her

Episode 13

  • I’m going to use the watch for good (Boyfriend) OR I’m going to start using the watch selfishly (Fun)
  • You can go on a date with Rachel and still have enough time to meet up with the Bartender or Tiffany
  • Beth: Decline
  • Ashley: Tell her
  • Stay with Rachel (Rachel scene) OR leave (To meet up with the bartender or Tiffany)
    • (If you leave) Bartender: Be nice twice (play it off & pay her $20 & laugh it off)
    • (If you leave) Tiffany: Tell her you want to stay > Your choice
  • Invite her to check out the apartment sometime
  • Yes
  • I’m attracted to you
  • Lower my addiction level

Episode 14

  • (SAVE, biggest choice so far) Listen to your heart (Boyfriend) OR Listen to your D (Fun)
  • Go to Beth’s dorm after you send Ashley to bed
  • Bacon (if you want them bigger)
  • Admit it (if you want them bigger)
  • Tacos (if you want them bigger)
  • Of course

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