Idol Manager Cheats

Idol Manager Cheats

Last Updated on 10 September, 2021

Idol Manager Cheats – Full list of available cheats and also how to edit each parameter in the Save File – works in Mac & Windows

Idol Manager Cheats – Full List

Press F7 five times to unlock cheats

  • ~ (Tilde key) : trigger a dialog (requires 3 idols and 1 staffer) (*)
  • Z : trigger an audition (local)
  • X : trigger an audition (regional)
  • C : trigger an audition (worldwide)
  • Y: add ¥1M
  • F : add 100 fans
  • P : add 1000 research points of each type
  • U : unlock all genres for producing singles
  • P : add 1000 research points of each type
  • M : mute the music

(*) If you can’t trigger a dialog use the cheat F (add 100 fans) until you meet the requirement

Idol Manager Cheats – Save File

You can also edit the save file if you want something not included in the previous cheats:

  1. Find the save file here:
    • Win: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Glitch Pitch\Idol Manager\data
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Glitch Pitch/Idol Manager/data/
  2. Open the save file with a text editor
  3. Change whatever you want: Idols Name, spec, stamina, appearance, single title, revenue for a contract…

If you for example want to change the appearance:

  1. Find your idol in data_girls__Girls and find her textureAssets
  2. Change the 2nd and the 3rd number of the asset ids
    • 2nd number is the body id
    • 3rd number is the asset id

We recommend that you spend some time investigating all the variables that you can manipulate in the save file


There are also some useful shortcuts:

  • 1, 2, 3: time speed
  • Spacebar: pause/resume
  • Right mouse button: close/open side tab
  • Middle mouse button: open next side tab
  • M : mute the music

Do you know any other cheat or shortcut that works? leave us a comment and we will add it

As you can see, there is no need to use trainers or hacks, cheats already offer you many options, but if you want more, you just have to investigate the Save File a bit, where you can edit anything that interests you

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