Free Diamonds in Free Fire Guide

Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Last Updated on 14 September, 2022

Free Diamonds in Free Fire Guide – The best sources (no hacks) and methods to get free diamonds in Garena’s game

Free Diamonds in Free Fire Guide – Methods

Friend’s gifts

You can give gifts to your friends, and some times these gifts can be diamonds. So of course try to have as many friends as you can (facebook groups are a good source of friends)


Some missions and achievements reward diamonds. Before you select any mission check the ones that reward diamonds, and of course try to complete them

Apps to earn points / money

We don’t recommend this kind of apps. You can earn point or money, and you can change your points or real money for free fire diamonds, but it is a really slow method.

If you still want to try these apps, Gamehag could be a good choice. You will earn Soul Gems (Gamehag’s currency), you can exchange your soul gems to buy Google Play Cards, and you can use Google Play Cards to buy Free Fire Diamonds

Another good choice could be Google Opinion Rewards. Answer surveys to earn a google play balance, and then use this balance to buy diamonds


There are a lot of special events, like the free fire diamond spin event. Try to accumulate as many spins as you can, at least 10 and take part in the free fire diamond spin event


Of course we do not recommend using hacks, sooner or later you will lose your Garena account, and most of the hacks and most of the hack sites that promise unlimited diamonds are fake

Our recommendation is that if you want free diamonds you focus on events, friend’s gifts and missions you will get diamonds without realizing it. But if you don’t want to farm diamonds, you can also buy them

Free Diamonds in Free Fire Guide – How to buy?

If you still want to buy diamonds, these are their costs:

  • $1.10 = ₹80 = 100 Diamonds
  • $3.45 = ₹250 = 310 Diamonds
  • $5.50 = ₹400 = 520 Diamonds
  • $11 = ₹800 = 1060 Diamonds
  • $22 = ₹1600 = 2180 Diamonds
  • $55 = ₹4000 = 5600 Diamonds

To buy them just log in with your free fire account, select your payment method and purchase as many as you want. But of course, the bigger the diamonds’ purchase, the more discount you will get

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