Happy Summer Walkthrough & Guide v0.5.4

Happy Summer Walkthrough

Last Updated on 12 September, 2023

Happy Summer Walkthrough & Guide – Level up Rosie, Lucy & Mika, and unlock all the content, scenes and endings

If you can’t progress in any of the routes progress with the others

Happy Summer Walkthrough – Rosie

1st Level – Rosie

  • 2nd part of the morning: Rosie’s room > table:  find a statuette
  • 1st part of daytime: Talk with Rosie when she uses her laptop > ask her about the statuette.
  • Ask about gym when she uses her laptop.
  • PC  >.Buy her new sportswear
  • 2nd part of the next morning: sportswear from the postman (Ramazi).
  • 1st part of daytime: Rosie’s room > give her the sportswear.
  • daytime: your room > sports bag > gym event
  • 2nd part of the morning:bathroom when she is inside
  • Reach 100%: Watch tv with her, go to the gym, or also meet her when she watering.
  • Level up event  (night time)

2nd Level – Rosie

  • Wait 2 days > Lucy will come > Rosie’s room when she is inside (1st part of daytime)
  • PC > find the book.
  • Library > talk with Mika about the book.
  • Give the book to Rosie when she’s using the laptop.
  • 2nd part of the morning: Bathroom when she is inside
  • Talk with her about guys when she’s using her laptop.
  • 1st floor corridor > Meet her when she’s watering plants
  • Reach 100%: watch tv, go to the gym, or also talk to her when she’s watering the plants.
  • Level up event (go to sleep)

3rd Level – Rosie

  • 1st part of daytime:  her room > talk to her.
  • Ask her about the swimsuit.
  • Next day’s morning: event.
  • Talk to Rosie > beach: complete the event.
  • 2nd part of the evening: next event
  • Shower: Talk to Rosie when she is inside
  • Toilet: Talk to Rosie when she is inside
  • Go with her in to the gym.
  • Reach 100%:
  • Level up event (daytime)

4th Level – Rosie

  • Help her with cleaning.
  • Next day morning: Sick event
  • Sleep 1 day to the next event with Lucy.
  • Rosie’s room > take her pantis
  • kitchen when Lucy is cooking > talk to her
  • Next day: talk with Rosie & Lucy.
  • Put her pantis back (her room)
  • Evening > corridor 2nd floor > listen them
  • Next day morning: event

Happy Summer Walkthrough – Lucy

1st Level – Lucy

  • Requires: Rosie level 2, then wait until Lucy comes
  • 1st part of daytime:  talk to Lucy > help her  (search for a job)
  • Office > look for a job
  • Tell her once you find a job
  • Talk to Lucy (interview)
  • Next day: talk with Lucy (cafe).
  • Reach 100%: watch tv, cook with her, meet her at work or also play cards.
  • Level up event (night time)

2nd Level – Lucy

  • Cafe when Lucy is working >  ask her “May be take a walk tomorrow?”.
  • Next day daytime: Lucy’s room > park event.
  • Reach 100%: watch tv, play cards, or also say her that she looking good when she on job
  • Level up event (daytime)

3rd Level – Lucy

  • Park after Lucy’s work > talk with her.
  • Shower at morning > Peep
  • Cafe when she works > help her with cleaning.
  • To progress with Lucy, level up Rosie to level 4
  • Next day morning: sick event
  • Sleep 1 day to the next event with Lucy.
  • Rosie’s room > take her panties.
  • Kitchen when Lucy is cooking and talk with her
  • Next day talk with Rosie & Lucy.
  • Talk with Lucy > toilet event

Happy Summer Walkthrough – Mika

1st Level – Mika

  • Library > Talk with Mika
  • Wait 1 day, she will come to Rosie
  • Library: Talk with Mika > About comming to Rosie
  • Next day evening > downstairs > meet Mika.
  • Library Evening: Talk with her
  • Daytime: Find her when she walk near cafe (Lucy must be working there).
  • Cafe: Talk with Mary
  • Wait 1 day and Talk again with Mary (cafe), also take books.
  • Library: Give books to Mika.
  • Library evening: Talk with Mika (dog problems)
  • Give her 2500$ (Library), but don’t forget to have money for the rent
  • Wait 2 days > she will message you (morning)
  • Talk with her in the Library
  • Hotel > meet Mika (appartments)

Happy Summer Walkthrough – 0.3.8 – 0.4.8

0.3.1 Update:

  • Talk to Rosie (her room)
  • Sleep > Go outside your room

0.3.2 Update:

  • Hotel > Mika > Walk to park > Kiss
  • Library > talk to Mika

0.3.3 Update:

  • Library > Mika
  • Home > Mika > Kissing > Mika Level 2
  • Library > Mika > Kiss & talk
  • Library > Mika > Kiss

0.3.4 Update:

  • Mika apartement (eveningn) < hiding from her mother > kiss > offer to buy yoga mat
  • Next morning: PC > buy yoga mat
  • Basement: wake up with Rosie and Lucy in hospital > kisses > meet May > home
  • Hospital: and ask for May

0.3.5 Update:

  • Morning: Bath > Join Lucy
  • Late night: Living room > Join Lucy
  • When Lucy is at home meet her at the kitchen > Go to her Room > Lucy Level 4

0.3.6 Update:

  • Rosie’s bedroom: Ask for May
  • Lucy’s bedroom: Ask for May
  • Wait until lucy calls you and tell you about May & Park
  • Find May in the park and follow her home
  • Next day: Go to her house (map – lower right)

0.3.7 Update:

  • Evening: park > May
  • Morning: Rosie Bathroom event
  • Office: Buy yoga mat ($250)
  • Evening: Mika’s apartment > shower

0.3.8 Update:

  • Bathroom eartly in the morning > Rosie event
  • Repeat last step event until you reach level 4 80%
  • Next morning repeat the event again for a better scene

0.3.9 Update:

  • Mika’s Apartment (Evening) > Event

0.4.0 Update:

  • Cafe (Late morning): Talk to Mary (job for May)
  • May (Afternoon): Find her (lower right corner of the map) and talk about the job
  • Go to sleep
  • Mika’s Apartment (Afternoon) > find the letter and meet Rosie at home

0.4.1 Update:

  • Rosie’s room (early afternoon) > ask about watching sometime”
  • Home (evening) event

0.4.2 Update:

  • Cafe (daytime) > Talk to May
  • May’s house (evening) event

0.4.3 Update:

  • Hospital (morning) > Talk to Doctor
  • Go to sleep, next morning event with May at home
  • Eat and go to the Hospital

0.4.4 Update:

  • May’s old apartment (daytime): lower right corner of the map
  • Beat the minigame: Collect everything
  • Go to sleep (Living room)

0.4.5 Update:

  • May’s room (daytime)
  • Bathroom (evening)
  • Kitchen (daytime) > Eat with them

0.4.6 Update:

  • Rosie’s room (daytime) > event

0.4.7 Update:

  • Office > PC > Zombie Game > Cartoon Story > gameplay:
    • Hammer > Stone > Zombie
    • Ax > Wood > Fat Zombie
    • Crowbar >Metal > Dog
  • Collect everything and reach the middle room

0.4.8 Update:

  • Wait until Lucy talks to you
  • Lucy’s room (evening) > Talk
  • Sleep on couch > May’s event
  • May’s room (daytime) > Peek


  • In daytime, stay at home, you will automatically meet Mia, agree to go to the park
  • In evening go to room Mia (your old bedroom) for date park


  • Early in the night go to May bedroom (your own old bedroom), kiss and sleep over.
  • The next morning you wake up with a surprise from May.


  • Stay at home and after the morning the doorbell rings, Mika wants to meet at her house in the evening.
  • In evening go to Mika, she tells why she was gone, kiss and make an date for the next day


  • In daytime, go to room Rosie, talk to Rosie and May
  • In daytime, go to house Mika, date


  • Daytime talk to Rosie in her room, give $700
  • Next day, stay at home until package is delivered
  • Day time go to room May (own old bedroom), give package get kiss


  • Evening > stay home and go upstairs > go to May’s room

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  1. I’m playing it on android and it seems to give me a black screen for some events like the gym and beach.. the gym works sometimes.. but beach event not working.. shows black screen only

  2. I have happy summer v3.8 version. Do you have the full walk-through for the entire game? I am supposed to help May find a job but how?

  3. 0.3.6 Update:

    Rosie’s bedroom: Ask for May
    Lucy’s bedroom: Ask for May

    im stuck on this the option dosn’t come out i reached lucy lv.4 someone help me plz

  4. I’m done with it, I’m now at ( to help may get a job to Mary .. but still no option to ask Mary for a job.

  5. I am unable to return Rosies panties. What am i doing wrong? i had the chat with them after i got sick and had the toilet event

  6. 4th lvl Rosie
    I don`t understand how to help here, I`ve did a lot thing and accidentally lvlup other girls 😀
    So I`m pretty much stuck, can someone answer me?

  7. Alguien me puede ayudar me quedé en rosie 90% y no puedo dormir, me dice que tengo que bajar pero abajo no hay nada busco y busco y no encuentro nada. Alguien me puede ayudar

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