My Best Deal Walkthrough & Guide – Updated V 0.8

My Best Deal Walkthrough

Last Updated on 24 August, 2021

My Best Deal Walkthrough & Guide – Unlock all the gallery images with our help and use the save points to complete all possible paths

Here you can find the Gallery Code (Updated)

My Best Deal Walkthrough – First Steps

  • You will unlock the gallery images 1 to 6 automatically
  • Keep Watching (Unlock gallery images 7 & 8)
  • Your choice (no impact) Unlock 9th image
  • Your choice (no impact)
  • Cool photo
  • Your choice (no impact)
  • Write in your earnest OR Just be yourself
  • Your choice (no impact)
  • SAVE if you want: Love Path (right) unlocks image 12th, but Control path (left) unlocks image 10th (Control path is better, and choices have no impact until use the force)
  • Use the force (image 11th)
  • x3 Your choice (no impact) Unlock image 13th
  • SAVE – Choice I – Celine Control or Alternative Path

Colllins Control Path

  • Have fun
  • Your choice
  • Nicer or aggressive, doesn’t matter
  • Your choice

Collins Controls Path

  • Solve the equation
  • Focus on solving
  • Stare at her
  • Your choice
  • Submit
  • x4 Your choice

My Best Deal Walkthrough – After Collins Choice

  • Come Closer
  • Obviously don’t leave her
  • Your choice
  • Follow her
  • Peek behind the stone
  • Thats right (gallery image 15th)
  • Look around
  • Try to remember
  • Your choice
  • If in Collins Alternative path > x2 Your choice (Image 16th)
  • If in Collins Control path
    • I want you > Use the force > Image 17th
    • Use the force > Image 16th (same as in alternative path)
  • Peek Inside
  • Look Through the door
  • Keep Looking > Images 18th & 19th
  • Enter the portal
  • What is the nature > How Dangerous > Can I do Anything (Image 20th)
  • x2 Your choice
  • End of version 0.5

My Best Deal Walkthrough – 0.8 Endings

  • I will use your power
  • David is weird sometimes
  • She had some business
  • Your choice (serious OR friendly)
  • Got it
  • I’ve got a name
  • Ask about Annie
  • Knock or not, doesn’t matter
  • SAVE – Choice II – Collins Control or Controls Path
  • If in Collins control path: Get on… > Your choice
  • If in Collins controls path: Yes > Kiss > How can I serve > Goodbye Miss Collins
  • Your choice
  • Comfort them
  • Help her wash the dishes
  • x2 Your choice
  • Go to Molly
  • Get out from under the bed > Hit him back

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