Knockout Master Walkthrough & Guide

Knockout Master Walkthrough

Last Updated on 24 August, 2021

Knockout Master Walkthrough & Guide – Unlock all the scenes with all the characters with our guide and help – Alice, Leah, Rose & more


If you want to unlock all the scenes you need two walkthroughs, one to max Alice Points, and another one to max Leah points. Because there are choices where you have to choose between getting a +Alice or a +Leah

Knockout Master Walkthrough – Round 1

  • I agree with you, let just relax and enjoy ourselves (Save if you want to try the other choice)
  • Face
  • Help her
  • Strike > Again > Dodge Left
  • Knock
  • Go in > Play the Victim
  • Both
  • Look Away
  • Strike > Move Right
  • Tell Her
  • Let Alice Speak

Knockout Master Walkthrough – Round 2

  • Look, if it makes you feel better you can pay me…
  • I told you that I could invest in your business…
  • Your choice: If you call Leah (+ Leah), but if  you call Alice (+Alice)
  • Your choice
  • I’m telling you the truth Leah. I don’t think of her…
  • Takamura
  • I’m going to feint already, can’t waste a moment!

Knockout Master Walkthrough – Round 3

  • Breasts > Your choice
  • Grab her A
  • Give a tip
  • Your choice:
    • Go with Leah: +2 Leah  3but -2 Mike (better choice)
    • Go with Mike: -2 Leah but +2 Mike
  • Just go for it
  • Truth

Knockout Master Walkthrough – Round 4

  • (Requires “Go with Leah” in the previous round) Reply
  • I’ll help you clean up > Face
  • (Requires “Go with Leah” in the previous round) Yes > Truth > Smell her
  • Mouth
  • Dodge Right
  • Go home with Alice (+Alice) or Go home with Leah (+Leah)

Round 5

  • Your Choice
  • (Alice Path) If you’re still ok with it
  • Your choice
  • (Alice Path) Your choice
  • (Requires “Give a tip” in round 3) Kiss Her > Leave a tip

Round 6

  • Have S… > Inside > Let’s do it together!
  • Sure > Pick it up.

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